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SEP 08

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"We gave a talk on carticipation at the ordering viagra overnight delivery Silicon Valley iPhone Develpers..."

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Zimride Takes Carpooling to Facebook

If you’re on Facebook and canadianpharmacy want to access a carpool, you might check out Zimride, a new carpool community that has its own Facebook app so that you can learn who it is you’ll be sharing close quarters with on your daily commute.

The app allows users to get to know the personalities (sort of) of who they’re riding with, so they can make informed decisions about compatibility. This way, you can somewhat more safely and sanely make friends while cutting down on your carbon footprint.

Additionally, Zimride is going to viagra cialis levitra be available on the Android phones this fall, with an app that hooks up with Android’s GPS system so users can connect with carpoolers while on viagra how much the go. It’s getting just so much easier to not have to own a car…

Via AtuoblogGreen, Zimride

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RideSearch is also now on FaceBook
written by Brian, September 08, 2008
RideSearch dot com has also created a facebook application. It searches their national database of canada pharmacy carpoolers as well.
written by Lysh, September 09, 2008
This is awesome. I'm trying to avoid driving, so I live for public transit and carpooling. I wish more people used carpooling sites so there would be more options.
GoLoco has been on Facebook for a while
written by Ethan Goldman, September 09, 2008
GoLoco is a ridesharing web application that started out as a stand-alone site before transitioning to a Facebook application. I have tried looking for--and offering--rides a few times, but never connected with anyone. Perhaps a better interface and the Android tie-in will help Zimride achieve critical mass. However, it would be ideal if these services could share data with one another so that a single search would hit all of them and there was a better chance of actually finding a ride.
You can go green on the iPhone by cartic
written by Steffen Frost, November 26, 2008
We gave a talk on carticipation at the Silicon Valley iPhone Develpers' Meetup in Palo Alto last week. We posted the vid on youtube here (be sure to select “watch in high quality”):

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