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EPA Cracking Down on cialis mexico Lawn Mower Emissions

For most of us the summer is winding down and viagra no online prescription that unpleasant chore of mowing the lawn will be coming to an end over the next month or two. Unless of cialis purchase course you live in a sun-filled area year round, in which case the rest of us have little sympathy for your continued mowing. To complement our distaste for pushing the mower around, mowers also tend to generic cialis for sale spew out clouds of unmitigated exhaust which contributes, and more than you would think, to the quality of our air. The EPA, in its push to eliminate emissions from “nonroad” sources, is taking on small gas engines in the form of lawn movers, garden equipment, and even boat engines in a bit to tackle smog and general air pollutants.

While most people might not equate a small engine with smog or substantial emissions, their cumulative impact on the environment is quite large. These engines do not tend to have catalytic converters, a device used to lower emissions, commonly found in automobiles,and therefore can produce 4 times the amount of pollution than from a car per hour. These emissions include nitrogen oxide, CO2, unburnt hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, etc.. And since refueling is done at home, and with mostly 2-cycle engines, gasoline and oil are spilled regularly, to the tune of an estimated 17 million gallons of buy low price viagra fuel annually.


Under the EPAs new regulations, “gas-powered engines in lawn and garden equipment will be required to cut smog-forming emissions by 35 percent, while engines in personal watercraft will have to cut smog-forming emissions by 70 percent and reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 20 percent.” The required comply-by dates are 2011 and 2010 respectively, a short time period that will make industry compliance a tricky thing, so we expect a certain backlash and accompanying lobbying.

Increases in efficiency, resulting from the new rules, are expected to save 190 million gallons of gas annually, a huge amount considering what it’s being used in.

via Reuters

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written by Brianne, September 08, 2008
If only I didn't live in an apartment, my hubby loves to do things out of the i recommend ordering levitra online normal. He'd get a kick out of this contraption.
written by Carl, September 08, 2008
Only 35%? The leaf blowers used at my apartment are worse than 100 cars and I get a headache from the fumes if I don't rush and cialis cheap close all the windows quickly. They are a terrible health hazard. On top of that I can't hear someone on the phone.

Electric lawn equipment is a real alternative, and is also more quiet.
written by Steve N. Lee, September 09, 2008
It's about time they brought in legislation like this.

In fact, I'm having a discussion along these lines in the comments on my blog - a reader wants less government intervention and for the free market economy to solve the world's problems!

Business wants profit. They don't want responsibility that will cut that profit. The only way to create a better world is through tighter legislation in some areas so that business has to protect us and the environment, not just its stockholders!

And that's a huge fuel saving. Excellent.

Yes, great news.
Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'

"Global warming is hot air" festival.
written by Joe, September 09, 2008
So, this summer there was a "Global warming is a load of hot air" festival in my city, put on by a few local Republican government officials. There was a petition circulating to stop the evil EPA from over regulating our lives in response to the liberal alarmism over global warming. When I asked what the woman and viagra petition was for, the petitioner told me that the order cialis EPA wants to enter site ordering cialis make it so that people have to file a permit every time they want to mow their yard. I was shocked by this, so I read the text of the petition. It was talking about this, raising efficiency standards on lawn equipment. So I told her that what she said was incorrect, and she told me it's basically the same and order cialis cialis then became very upset when I told her that it was not the same and that she was twisting the truth to get a rise out of people in order to influence them to support her cause.

I'm excited to see that their efforts have failed miserably.
electric here now
written by Ben, September 09, 2008
Unlike cars, you can buy some electric lawnmowers today. I did last year when my old gas mower wouldn't start, and I've loved it. Starting just involves pulling a lever (and of course it starts every time), there's hardly any maintenance to do, and it's much less noisy.

You want to see all the benefits you could get from an electric car? Switch from a gas mower to the best pharmacy store electric and see how great it is.
It's about time
written by Paul, September 09, 2008
I've been on cheap discount levitra this bandwagon for years and I agree with Ben, electric mowers are the way to go. My rechargeable Black & Decker has never failed me and starts with the flip of 50 mg levitra a switch. If my neighbor and I are mowing at the same time, I can hear his mower over mine! I love that picture though. Maybe I can rig something like that up and convince my kids that mowing is 'fun'.
written by nicster, September 09, 2008
the "free market" will only start to solve this problem when the external costs are accounted for by some means. that hasn't even come close to happening in this or many other areas.
Solving The Problem
written by Robert Arartari, September 09, 2008
Look at this product.......It solves all the Emission problems on all constant speed engines

Other things...
written by JDE, September 11, 2008
I'd like to see them crack down on Harley owners for
straight-pipe noise pollution first. ;)
The EPA has done what it can, now it's u
written by stephanie, September 12, 2008
It is my understanding that these new regulations have been in the works for years. The EPA did a great job involving the industry on the front end to avoid problems on the back end. Almost all of the press I have seen on the new standards for lawnmowers has been positive or at least it isn’t negative. I have read a few times that prices on gas mowers will rise a small amount. Hopefully the rise in price and general awareness of this issue will lead to more people considering electric equipment. When powered by renewable energy, emissions go to zero. I work for a company that uses the electric lawn equipment commercially. We use Black & Decker and Neuton equipment – both are doing great in the field and that is 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. The equipment works well and will continue to look here buy low price viagra improve – people just need a push in the right direction to consider it. Hopefully these new standards will start to do the trick. If you want to estimate the environmental impact of mowing your yard, go to and click on the clean lawn calculator. If you want to see photos of the electric equipment in use, click on franchise info and best price for generic viagra there is a slideshow. The solar panels you see on try it get pharmacy the trucks are actually used to charge the equipment during the workday. Now if we could just find someone to make an electric riding mower!
written by michael, October 14, 2008
electric riding mowers have been around since the 70's and there are many still running today. i own one. go here to find out more.

Alternative Fuel Mowers/Natural Gas and Propane
written by Glenn Negri, June 28, 2009
We have Mowers in Stock Now. Propane and Natural Gas powered. 60&#xto;80% reduction in smog forming emissions with all the benifits of using EPA recognized Alternative Fuels.
No Spillage,No Evaporative emissions,Low Fuel cost's
and .50 cent per gallon tax incentive.
0 % financing,same or next day service all of California.

Why mow at all, grow a meadow
written by Bry, June 26, 2010
My grass is all meadow, great for bees and butterflies. It must be all the kids are in here looking at them, not their own sterile gardens. Mow early spring and late autumn only, easy and a lot nicer to look at and better for the environment as well as cutting CO2.

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