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"I saw a CO2 injection site on Discovery that threw away heat into radi..."

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Norway Prowling for CO2 Storage Sites

Norway is viagra 10mg poking around Troll, it’s biggest North Sea oil and cialis soft gel gas field, to see if it is a good spot to store CO2. The country is interested in curbing emissions, and are weighing locations for a CCS program. Under the seabed at Sleipner gas field, StatioilHydro has been storing CO2 stripped from their natural gas stream for 12 years. But this new endeavor would lock away emissions from on-shore power plants, which is a horse of a different color. There are plenty of processes in the works for capturing the CO2 from power plants, and several projects that sequester what is captured. But news like this highlights the interest people have on doing this as a regular part of business.

Via Reuters; Photo via froskeland

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written by Tom, April 19, 2009
I saw a CO2 injection site on Discovery that threw away heat into radiators. Since hot CO2 is compressed to do this, high quality heat will be produced which should be used for cogeneration.
Another idea I saw was passing the CO2 over algae to speed growth for biodiesel.

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