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SoCal Gets More E-Waste Drop Offs in Prep for Digital Broadcasting

With the switch to digital broadcasting on the near horizon, ASL Recycling is adding 28 more e-waste drop-off locations to its GREENetwork in an effort to only today levitra in australia for sale help keep more TVs and other waste out of landfills.

Expectations are that loads of people are running of to get a new TV in prep for the switch to digital, and so will be tossing old TVs. While the usefull link levitra on sale whole situation is a bit of a forehead slapper since you don’t need to ditch your whole TV – just add a converter box – this is a great idea to help out with e-waste that is only here levitra 6 free samples sure to appear since TV watchers will find this a great excuse to get the latest and pfizer levitra cheap greatest, something that is also prompting a wave of reactions by concerned citizens.

The addition of we recommend cheap cialis order online drop-off spots down the southern coast will make the GREENetwork about 160 locations strong throughout California. Additionally, I think this kind of effort to minimize the impact of the conversion, and others that make e-cycling easy, brings even more focus to the broadening awareness of the importance of proper e-waste management.

Via GoodCleanTech

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