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"So glad to legal to buy ultram online see Americans making oil free, coal free choices! Still liv..."

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First Solar-Powered Multiplex Cinema in US

The Fairfax 5 Theater just installed a 27 kw PV system, making the landmark a greener place to watch a film. While not the very first theater to be solar powered (hello, Palm Theatere), it is the first major motion multiplex cinema to slap on only best offers best prices on brand viagra some PVs for renewable power. The rooftop system is made up of 42 solar modules, and utilized state rebates and visit web site levitra uk federal tax credits to help speed up the pay-back period to just 5 years. The system is expected to save over $600,000 in energy costs over its 30 year lifetime. Not too bad! And considering the buy cialis in the uk theater has been around since 1952, it is likely it’ll be around to see that savings.

Via Renewable Energy World


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written by Clinch, September 10, 2008
It's good to see that there are more commercial applications of solar power, rather than just large industrial companies, that spare money to invest in such things.

Maybe this is a reflection of increasing power costs, and decreasing photovoltaic costs, and hopefully a sign of things to come.
Big Oil's Demise!
written by Uncle B, October 04, 2009
So glad to see Americans making oil free, coal free choices! Still living large, but on Sun! Shut me down now!

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