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"Yes this seems promosing, although follow-through seems to perturb hum..."

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New Bacteria Could Replace Gasoline

About 10% of the UK’s fuel needs could come from a new strain of bacteria found in compost heaps.

Researchers at TMO Renewables told scientists at the Society of General Microbiology’s meeting in Dublin this week that the bacteria can convert plant fibers into ethanol. Eventually, that process could fuel 10% of the country’s transport requirements.

The bacteria can break down straw, hedge clippings, garden trimmings, cardboard as well as other biodegradable substances.

“The bioethanol produced in our process can be blended with existing gasoline to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” says Paul Milner, the fermentation development manager of Surrey-based TMO Renewables Ltd. Milner says the new strain is more energy-intensive and cheaper than traditional yeast-based processes.

The company’s scientists searched through thousands of cheap viagra online uk naturally occurring bacteria, looking for those specifically that loved heat and liked feeding off different plant-based materials. It found its bacteria, from the Geobacillus family, and altered its internal metabolism. The bacteria produces lactic acid in its wild form when it breaks down biomass and TMO modified its internal metabolism to produce ethanol instead.

In the UK alone, there is seven million tons of surplus straw each year. Turning garbage and other agricultural waste into ethanol also makes more sense than crop-derived biofuels, the company believes.

Via Science Daily, The Environmental Transport Association; Photo via nakedcharlton

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What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
written by Steffen Frost, September 11, 2008
Re-engineer a bacteria to produce ethanol instead of lactic acid, as it does "in its wild form".

All you have to do is make sure the "new" bacteria will not have a wild form.
written by nicster, September 11, 2008
for many bacteria, increasing ethanol production is not a matter of adding the capability of making ethanol. that's already there. it's often a matter of turning the lactic acid machinery to order cheap viagra "off."
written by Jimbo, September 12, 2008
Where did the 10% figure come from? Are there any numbers to back it up or did the company promoting this technology just pull it out of their arse?
written by Auzigog, September 12, 2008
I'm forced to question the assumption that we can solve problems by exerting more control over the world around us. The problem was originally caused by humans thinking we "own" the planet, and I can't see how "owning" bacteria to do our bidding is visit web site viagra for daily use a proper solution,
Again plus/minus
written by Hadeem, September 13, 2008
Yes this seems promosing, although follow-through seems to perturb humans and is lacking with whatever we do. The long-term effects and results are not or can not be taken into account because of the complexity or unregistered foresight. Now 10% is impressive, especially 10% of the UK for MY sakes. Though I don't trust stats often, this would be a good way to change course. Manipulation is tricky but if it's likely not to be disastrous we need it to backtrack the damage we caused. These efforts are to reduce the how does viagra work bad and hopefully think more in the future. Better to generic levitra from canada do this than have a bunch of viagra england junkies go cold turkey, ya know? Overall this could be a pipe dream bigger than Mario's. r d rr

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