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Identify Greenwashing with New Website

There’s a difference between something being green, and a company putting a green spin on a product. A new startup called GoodGuide is to be a source for free, scientist-verified data about products we purchase so we can ID for ourselves if what we’re consuming is as green as the company says it is.

Drawing from over 650 data sources, GoodGuide is building a database that figures out what is physically healthy, socially healthy, and environmentally healthy, so that people can compare products and make their priority decisions. It is a great sibling site to female viagra pills the new Wikia Green.

GoodGuide is also implementing ways you can get the info while you’re standing in a isle staring at your options. You can get text messages right now, and soon there will be an iPhone app available. The site is in beta now, yet still has over 61,000 products already listed. Good to know that while we’re staring at 15 different kinds of toothpaste, we have someone to help us pick one.

Via Wired

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written by Clinch, September 11, 2008
Not impressed, they don't have any info on products that would actually make much of a difference, such as electronics, bulbs, cars, etc.

While it may have good information, I can't ever see it being that useful to most people.
written by Steve N. Lee, September 12, 2008
Sorry, Clich, I agreed with you one of your comments last week but I can't agree with this one.

ANY step towards educated the public about how to green their lives has to be welcomed. And this is a step in the right direction.

Firstly, who's to say that if the website attracts enough attention that it won't add sections on the purchase viagra in canada areas you mention.

Secondly, it does feature products that affect the environment. Hair care, sun screen, cleaning products - isn't it time people knew what chemicals they were pouring down the drain or letting wash off them into our water?

Plus, they talk of a mobile service to cheap levitra prescription tell you what you need to know, in the store, while the product is still in your hand not in your shopping cart. Wise choices have never been so easy!

I think this is a valuabe addition to our arsenal with which to fight for our planet. Thank you Jaymi,
Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'
Hmmm, How shall I put this?
written by Heather, September 18, 2008
Clinch wrong. Steve Lee right. Rock on Ecogeek. Rock on Well organized, user-friendly, scientist-verified data on 61,041, and counting, products in one location. Yes, the EWG has done a great job with personal products and it's skindeep database. However, this is the one for cleaning and other household products and to have personal products info here as well is a huge time-saving bonus. This website will get far more than a little attention. Bravo.

Patience is a virtue
written by Moschops, November 19, 2008
You may not spend big bucks on a box of soap powder but you buy and consume essentials more frequently than you buy electronics and cars. Also their impacts on environment and health are often felt sooner - buy ending up in the waste stream, in your clothes or on buy ultram tramadol your face.

However I think you can rest assured all those other products will eventually appear on the GoodGuide site.

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