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"They have some awesome portable solar power systems. ..."

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Space Saver Solar Stik Gives Boats Extra Juice

Hey, sailor, got a light? In Brian Bosley’s case, he needed a light and cialis canadian power to take his small boat around the world. But as anyone who has a boat knows, space is at a premium on vessels. So Bosley, an inventor with a background in aviation, along with some fellow sailors, made solar power portable.

The Solar Stik was born in Key West during the winter of 1997-98 out of discount viagra pharmacy necessity. Three small boats, including Bosley’s, were in need of a power generating system that could supply enough energy for fridges, long-range communications and lights. The original design used a free-standing system and after several thousands of voyaging miles testing the system, the original inventors, who put the i recommend buy low price levitra first units together late at night, were surprised at how well their make-shift on-the-go solar system worked.

A tripod was added on viagra overnight and more tests were done. Eventually the design developed as more components were added. The solar panel lifting arms have three attachment points that act as a lateral stabilizing mechanism, preventing damage during rough seas or high winds. Once the system mount is secured, it can be left outside indefinitely. It takes just minutes to professional cialis set up and the system can be easily disassembled for transport and to power down when storms arrive.

The military has already taken notice of the usefulness of the Solar Stik in certain regions where power may be off-the-grid and some local governments have purchased the units as part of their emergency response plans. Prices for the units start at $150 for marine systems and go up to $350 for its most high-tech units.

Via Solar Stik, First Coast News

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written by Al Zaccor, September 14, 2008

We appreciate the fda approved cialis positive review, but unfortunately you got the price data wrong. I suggest your readers check our website for the actual prices. I only wish we could offer our advanced and rugged system for such prices -- they'd be flying off the shelves!


Al Zaccor,
CEO, Solar Stik
written by Greek Island Cruises, October 03, 2008
That's a wonderful idea! I'm sure never ever has thought that something like this can be done or at least so soon. It is a good thing that solar energy is used in various domains. This way we will reduce the pollution! ;)
Portable Solar Power
written by Portable Solar Power, November 30, 2011
They have some awesome portable solar power systems.

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