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Track Home Energy Use with Solar Lamp

Sweden plans to have future homes come equipped with smart meters. But some folks want to know what’s up with their energy consumption now, and without having to look online all the time. Enter the concept Spark Lamp.

This lamp is truly one of discount viagra united kingdom the oddest things I’ve heard of, but could be kinda cool...kinda. During the day, you flip the only now canada viagra generic lamp upside down so that the solar panels located on canadian generic cialis the bottom can charge up. Then at night, you flip it right side up and turn it on. It then connects to your Wi-Fi and changes to generic everyday cialis a certain color to show what your energy consumption is at compared to your monthly goal. The indicators are red, yellow and green and you can guess what they mean.

After about 3 seconds, the light turns to white and you can use it as a lamp. So it is an interesting little check-in device…that is only available in Sweden and that I don’t expect will become very popular. Yes, it is more multipurpose than a regular old solar powered light, but still. It would take some interesting planning on where to place the lamp in order for it to get needed sunlight to charge. It might prove to viagra pharmacy uk people that just jumping online is generico cialis an easier way to check your energy consumption.

Via Cleantechnica


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Senior Lighting Designer
written by Hara, January 09, 2009
Hello and Happy New Year,
your article was brought to my attention through an email from enviu. Your product seems very interesting and ground breaking. I am an established lighting designer in London and am always on the look for innovative solutions especially in the field of energy saving. Please feel free to contact me via email to discuss your ideas. Many thanks. Hara

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