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"Luv this tornado strobe ... perhaps in the viagra no prescription future it can generate elec..."

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Firewinder: A Wind-Powered Outdoor Light

As a kid, British inventor Tom Lawton heard the sounds of wind whistling and natural cialis howling outside his window and wondered how he could transform the wind into light.

The Firewinder is the end result. There's no fire involved, but the outdoor lamp utilizes the principles of electromagnetic induction combined into a single vertical axis wind turbine. There's no winding up either.

The Firewinder's LEDs are powered by a contact-less generator which enables it to harness a light breeze (from wind speeds of 3 mph.) The design manages to harness the wind in every direction. The faster it blows, the brighter the cialis professional no prescription Firewinder (which is, of course, made out of recyclable materials) shines. The outdoor light uses no batteries but relies on tramadol bygone online 14 LEDs and helical wings to maximum the harnessing of wind.

The Firewinder is available now for pre-order for £99.

Via Shiny Shiny

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written by Jacob, September 17, 2008
that would be really cool to sit in your backyard on a windy night and watch the brightness ebb and flow with the breeze.
written by Mahmoud Kabalan, September 17, 2008
does this thing generate electricity of just gives off the LED lights?
written by rosie, January 11, 2010
Luv this tornado strobe ... perhaps in the future it can generate electricity sure it can. Imagine it gives u light, electricity and could even scare the crows off your garden lol

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