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Queen Elizabeth Buys World's Largest Wind Turbine

I mean, yeah, she can afford it, but it's still cool that the Queen of England just commissioned the world's largest wind turbine. When completed in 2010, it will produce 7.5 megawatts of power all on its own. That's roughly 1.5 megawatts more than today's largest turbine.

The Queen has more than enough land to build the turbine. In fact, she owns most of the shelf off of the U.K.'s coast. Previously, she's simply leased the land to wind turbine companies, but now she's investing her own money in the project.

The cost is levitra vardenafil going undisclosed for now, but we imagine it's quite high. Especially since the turbine (at least at first) will be one-of-a-kind. It will be built by Clipper Wind, and is massively larger than anything else they have available today. The turbine will be 575 feet tall, that's more than 600 corgis standing on each other's backs.

The Queen's monetary endorsement of this technology is a big deal, especially as the UK has pledged to reduce their carbon emissions 20% by 2020.

But it's going to take a lot more than one massive wind turbine to do where to purchase levitra it...maybe if the Queen springs for 1,000 or so more of these babies, they'll have a fighting chance to meet their targets.

Via EarthTimes

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Us zany Brits
written by Callum Lee, September 23, 2008
Us zany Brit's and our green credentials. Unfortunately some silly people still think that WInd Turbines are ugly, and make too much noise. Compared to a massive coal powered station? I know which one i'd prefer to look at!
Thank God!
written by Nicola, September 23, 2008
Finally, someone with some power is doing something! Hopefully our goverment will follow the Queen's lead, and buy us some wind turbines!
It's About Time
written by Jyle, September 23, 2008
It's about time someone influential joined the environment bandwagon. Everyone else just seems to be about talk. It's about time someone actually had to put some of what is cialis professional their resources into it.
Her Majesty does something useful..
written by Steve Holmes, September 24, 2008
Its about time she did something useful with our tax payers money.
Excuse the cynicysm, yes a good move and we use it get cialis online great publicity for windpower.
111 Queens - that's a lot of monarchy!
written by Steve N. Lee, September 24, 2008
Let's hope this inspires more people to give green energy serious consideration. I'm sure it will make for an entertaining media snippet so should get considerable coverage.

I do love this line on Earth Times referring to the height of the turbine - "Thats ... more than 111 Queens standing one on top of another." Maybe they could put life-size photos of her all the way up. That would be fun plus give the project immense global publicity and boost interest in green issues. But, while she likes her face on stamps and money, somehow I don't think she'll be blown over (yeah, I know!) by this opportunity.

A great little article. Thanks,
Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'
Not Cricket !
written by Prince Harry, September 24, 2008
I don't want to poop this engaging little fantasy. But my Grandmama does not get a damn penny from the Crown estates.

Those nasty Cromwellians starting filtering off the cash. After their nasty little revolution in 1688. Poor old Georgie III was forced to propecia best price uk give up the last bit of income to Parliament, in return for a pittance from the civil list.

I don't see how these damn windmills are going to pay for my next holiday in Klosters.

Yours aggrieved
amen Harry
written by adam, September 26, 2008
amen harry m'lad
Oil is gone Folks!
written by Uncle B, September 26, 2008
When the Queen of England puts up a windmill to light her bulbs, you can be very certain that the oil is gone! If you want to read your nightly paper, you will do likewise, otherwise Poof! You are 'Third World'
written by Richard Davine, October 02, 2008
HRM QE11 has been a campaigner for climate change for many years now. She publicly requested Tony Blair to treat climate change as a priority and asked him to influence George Bush too. British Royalty rarely interfere with Governments so it's good to see.
The reality is right or left wing, black or white, Protestant or Catholic; these environmental problems concern us all, and only united can we overcome them.
WE have lots of viagra pharmacy uk windmills!
written by Derek from north-central illinois, October 27, 2009
near the paw paw, mendota, sublette area. they are expanding. I am in the US. I like to chug everything i drink

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