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"After seeing this lamp, I made something similar and cialis testimonial a little more ver..."

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DIY 3-Watt LED Mood Lamp

Toon Beerten, a guy with some LED experience, has put together an amazing 3 watt LED mood light pretty much from scratch.  The device actually plugs into a wall socket, while his previous lamps have run off batteries.  Using batteries actually significantly reduces the overall efficiency of any electronic device, so I like this one for that.  
I also like it because it's really well done.  He's programmed the LEDs to fade between colors, or go through a variety of transitions that he can control with an input.  If I went over to his house, I'd probably assume he bought it from Target for fifty bucks.  
Definitely a worthwhile project.
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I want my USB!
written by jz, September 13, 2006
I was dreaming for a long time of such a sweetie, but with an USB input so send orders of color variations...

Then you could sync some moods to some types of cheapest levitra uk music, flash it in red when you got mail, in green when there's a news on just try! cialis pharmacy Ecogeek, etc... ;)

If anyone got the schematics... ? ;)
Another LED Mood Lamp
written by Nathan, February 15, 2008
After seeing this lamp, I made something similar and a little more versatile (I think!). Check it out. I am planning on adding data input, but that's under construction and I wanted to get the lighting part done first.

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