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"The Bill is finally passed. There is a great need for alternate energy..."

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Senate Passes Renewable Energy Bill: House to Come

The senate has just passed what could end up being some of levitra femele the most important legislation to the good choice levitra one a day future of our country of the decade. No, I'm not talking about buying up $700 B of questionable mortgage assets...I'm talking about an actual, feasible, renewable energy package.

The package, which will cost around $17 B over ten years will stimulate growth in a number of clean tech sectors.

The solar investment tax credit will reduce the cost of solar installations, and it'll set us back roughly $2 B over ten years while the solar energy production tax credit will cost another $6 B. Carbon capture technology research gets another $1.5 B and an incentive program to get power plants to sequester carbon costs another $1 B.

Obviously I'm excited about all of these numbers, but mostly it's the solar tax credits that are really important. A huge number of solar installations, both residential and search viagra grid-level, are riding on the extension of the tax credit. And while previous bills have extended the credit for a measly 2 years, this bill would extend it for ten years, giving the solar industry time to plan for future growth without wondering whether the tax credits will still exist.

Of course, the bill still has to pass the womans viagra House. And, unfortunately for everyone in the entire world, they may be too busy to look here levitra testimonial even look at the thing.

The fight for these tax credits has been going on far too long, even though every single congressperson in America has been touting clean technology's ability to help us out of viagra tablets our environmental crisis, we simply couldn't pass the legislation. GE has calculated that the legislation will more than pay for itself with increased revenues and economic stimulus, and a recent study indicates that the legislation would help create almost half a million at-home, high-paying jobs.

I'm not sure why it took us so long, and I'm not calling this thing until the House votes, but if we can finally pass some legitimate renewable energy legislation in this country, I may actually stop saying bad things about least for a couple of days.

Via Earth2Tech and Bloomberg

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Great news... Hopefully!
written by Steve N. Lee, September 25, 2008
This truly is fantastic news. Potentially! Let's hope our omnipotent leaders have the wherewithall to recognise the fact and see it reality.

A 10 year plan will allow investment to expand and the levitra on sale industry to develop. It will give solar a real boost as a cost-effective alternative energy. Of course, consumers still have to be sold on the idea of home installation, etc, but if the pricing and savings are significant enough, you'd have to be really stupid not to jump at saving cash, wouldn't you?

The numbers do look good. Not least because such legislation and the associated industry boost would be good for the economy in opening up a new sector and cheapest online propecia creating new jobs. Both of which are desperately needed.

Yes, this could be a terrific step forward... if our politicians can only recognise it as such!

Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'
written by Laura, September 25, 2008
So how can we get the house to look at it? (letters, etc?) Or is it beyond our control at this point?
written by Sorin, September 25, 2008
It passed in the House back in it passed in the Senate. If there are differences they still need to be resolved and then W can sign it into law.

Another Good Part
written by LarsBogart, September 25, 2008
Another good part of the bill is a provision that would grant up to a $7500 tax credit for plug-in hybrid vehicle purchasers.

Woo Hoo !!!
written by Bemused by it all, September 25, 2008
The irony of it all.... I would be pleased with 17bn. Except that 700bn spent on renewable energy would actually benefit the economy and make America truly great again.

That 700bn is going to buy back worthless bits of paper created out of nothing, paper that has no economic value. That benefits who? and saves what economy?

I'm ready to let this house built on sand collapse. We can re-build on solid ground.

Alternative Energy resources
written by Heartland Energy Development Corporation, March 16, 2009
The Bill is finally passed. There is a great need for alternate energy resouces. It is necessary to become energy independent.


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