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OCT 06

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"a yoyo... i guess... anything that i can use to keep my iphone charged..."

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YoYo Powered iPhone Charger?

Why the heck not right? I mean, YoYos are a very efficient way of generating power, and iPhones don't really need all that much power to charge. So what's the problem with this idea?

I'd even say that it's several times cooler, more convenient, and better for the environment than a solar powered charger. What remains to be seen is whether or not you can actually get enough power out of dose viagra one of these things to charge your phone easily. Of course, no one wants another thing to only today order propica carry around. Which makes me think...why not just put the phone inside the YoYo!

Inhabitat is treating this thing like it will actually exist soon, but I'm not so sure about that. It seems like a pretty design project to me...a joke even. Big cues that it's not coming to market any time soon include the Apple logo on the device (which would never be allowed for a real design project.)

But that doesn't mean it's not a good idea...and we certainly hope that this and other human-powered charging devices will make our mobile future more convenient and more sustainable.

Via Peter Huvander and Inhabitat

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Great blog
written by Shawna Coronado, October 06, 2008
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The Blog -
written by Justin Allison, October 07, 2008
This would be a great idea if it simply had a USB output on it. Then you could charge any USB device. Wouldn't it be great to see the yo-yo make a widespread comeback? ;)
A joke - you're right there, Hank.
written by Steve N. Lee, October 07, 2008
Sorry, I don't find this in the least bit cool.

I haven't seen anyone playing with a yoyo for more years than I can remember. I would say it's been decades, but I don't want to exaggerate, though I'm not sure I would be.

I don't like things like this. They seem all gimmick and no substance. A lot of resources will have gone into researching, designing and manufacturing this and probably hundreds of thousands will be sold... and probably end up in drawers around the globe - unused and unwanted, like most of the gimmicky garbage people buy then hide away as if ashamed of the purchase.

Don't believe me? How many Tamagotchis are rotting away in darkened cupboards?

Yes, they might be popular for a while, might even create a craze, but they'll just go the usa generic viagra way of the Tamagotchi and other gimmickery of that ilk. Plus, anyone could play with the Tamagotchi, but you need to develop a certain level of cheapest prices for viagra skill to play with a yoyo otherwise it's just plain boring or you spend most of your time untangling the string instead of having 'fun'.

Of course, people will argue that it serves a purpose as a charger, that it isn't just a toy. That's as may be, but will it save it from the dark drawer? I think not!

Sorry, but I don't like this.

Steve N. Lee
author of eco-blog
and suspense thriller 'What if...?'
written by Magnulus, October 07, 2008
Steve, there are world championships in yo-yoing every four years. In Norway, I've seen yo-yos become immensely popular during the time around the championships, but I also refuse to believe that the people who actually win nationals and the WC (and various other people) don't play with yo-yos between championships.

I suck at yo-yoing, but anyone can learn to make it go up and down with five minutes of training. What's hard is making them spin for a long time.

I'd personally like to have one of these for situations in which I wouldn't have access to a wall socket. Of course, it's just a fun little project, so it probably won't even happen.
What about getting the battery into the
written by Velenux, October 07, 2008
AFAIK, yoyos contains some weight to pull them down, so why not use the viagra no online prescription battery itself?

(well, one standard format for batteries would be wonderful)
written by B.J., October 07, 2008
Ok, while the idea is pretty cool, I don't think it'd be very practical.

I yoyo, like trick yoyo, and having a wire sticking out one side of the yoyo would make it very unwieldy. What happens when the yoyo stops spinning? Typically the yoyo turns on its side and rotates twisting the string. This would cause problems with a wire attached to an expensive gadget.

Also, balancing the weight of the wire on the other side would be made more challenging by the rims being the ordering cialis only rotating part.

Dunno, if they get it to work I'm all for it though!
written by mg, October 11, 2008
Yo-yo'ing is still very popular if you know the right people. Some people continue to make a living from it - Steve Brown for instance. See or or
Its not all about walk-the-dog anymore. Watch some videos - yo championship&search_type=&aq=f
Still, a little impractical in terms of charging your electronics.
This won't work
written by Chris, October 12, 2008
I want to preface this comment by saying that I've been yo-yoing as a hobby for over twenty years (and I have an iPhone).

The idea of cialis mexico using a yo-yo to generate power won't work with the configuration that we're seeing in the above example. There are a few reasons for this.

First, a yo-yo is essentially a spinning fly-wheel that is centered on a string. Today's popular yo-yo's use a bearing around the axle and the sting is wound around the axle; the rest of the yo-yo spins. Reducing the friction between the string and the yo-yo has reached the point that a good yoist can throw a sleeper that lasts well over five minutes before the spin is gone; the last time I saw the record it was over fifteen minutes.

Second, to generate any sort of power from a yo-yo you can use one of two forces; the spinning or the friction. Friction would work, but the yo-yo would slow quick enough to require a lot of throws before you could charge anything. Spinning could work but the yo-yo would have to spin around something fixed with the capability to convert the spinning to electricity; and a string isn't going to cut it.

I'd like to say that this is a nice design project, but it's not even a butterfly shape, and where are the hub stacks? Personally, I think who ever put the image together was phoning it in.
written by Fred, July 17, 2009
a yoyo... i guess... anything that i can use to keep my iphone charged would be helpful.

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