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OCT 12

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Using Eel Cells to Create Electricity

The biggest eels can produce charges up to 600 watts of electricity, enough to power your computer, monitor, printer and very good site canadian generic levitra online office lighting least for a moment. Knowing that some of the best ideas come from nature, researchers at Yale University working with counterparts at the cheapest viagra online in the uk National Institute of Standards and Technology are applying what eels do naturally to artificial cells.

Jian Xu, a postdoctoral associate in Yale's Department of Chemical Engineering, said the electric eel is very efficient at generating electricity. “It can generate more electricity than a lot of electrical devices.” The goal is to replicate electric eel cells in an artificial version to act as a power source for medical implants. Electric eels have specialized cells called electrocytes to channel the output of viagra for sale online electricity the same way that nerve cells fire up.

The researchers from Yale had previously created a blueprint of an artificial cell that turned out to be even more efficient than eels at producing electricity.

One of the designs for the artificial cell generates more than 40 per cent more energy in a single pulse than a natural electrocyte. Another could produce peak power outputs over 28 percent higher.

The researchers hope to eventually use the artificial cells for bio-batteries and are ideal, if they work, for medical implants because they release no toxins.

Via: Good Clean Tech and Science Daily

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If only
written by Evan, October 13, 2008
we'd listened to Blanka 17 years ago, we might not be in the state we're in now.
written by corey pearsall, October 17, 2008
i think just leave tha ells cause they need that electricity 2 protect them self but if its only a little bit thats alright go 4 it lol . . .

p.s boo tha ells in tha nrl
written by Gir, April 09, 2009
i saw a squirrel!!!
written by Fred, July 17, 2009
....well eels are can conduct energy right.... i just don't think they should be bothered for our convenience.
written by Muslickz, September 29, 2009
There called electrocytes.

The cells that produce electricity that is..

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