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OCT 24

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Solar-Powered Robotic Lawn Mower

Here at EcoGeek, we've covered DIY solar and electric lawn mowers, but the new Automower Solar Hybrid from Swedish company Husqvarna trumps both. Not only does it appeal to the environmentally-conscious part of us, but it also appeals to the "I really hate mowing the grass" part of us.

The robotic lawn mower is capable of cutting up to half an acre of buy viagra cheapest grass on buy tramadol cod its own, guided by a wire buried along the perimeter of the property. The mower is powered by the solar energy it collects while it mows, with surplus energy stored in its nickel hydride battery.

It includes safety features like blades that automatically shut off when the mower is lifted, sensors that tell it to move around large objects and a theft-deterrent alarm.

The robot makes its U.S. debut this weekend at the Green Industry and Equipment Expo and may soon be available commercially. Husqvarna hasn't revealed the price, but their original, non-solar-powered Automower goes for around $2,000.  Pretty pricey, but it might be worth it.


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written by nicster, October 24, 2008
For those who want to further lessen the environmental impact of your lawn, I suggest taking a look at the choices available at Less water, less fertilizer and less mowing. All good things.

written by Ken Roberts, October 24, 2008
Neat! I want one. But yeah, I'll wait a while so I don't have to pay 10 grand for it.
written by filo, October 24, 2008
Of course you could try growing vegetables and fruit which are a pleasure to crop.
written by Clinch, October 26, 2008
I want a grass powered lawn mower (and maybe one that can also convert the grass it doesn't use for energy, in to fertilizer or something).
Why not a sheep?
written by Grechen, October 26, 2008
The people who buy this product should be forcibly re-educated in government re-education camps.

People should purchase and train sheep to be lawn mowers. Much cheaper, more reliable and doesn't cost the only here discount cialis environment much at all.

If you think a standard sheep is too large for a suburban lawn, consider getting a miniature variety.

written by Lucy, October 27, 2008
Or you could share the sheep with your neighbors :)
written by Clinch, October 27, 2008
With sheeps, there's the problem of sheep dropping, and feeding them in peak season (i.e. if your winters are cold, the grass wont grow enough to sustain them, or if the summers are too hot, then the same thing [i.e. hot -> water shortage -> grass not grow].
You'd also have to hire someone to cialis without prescription sheer them (although you could use the wool to make environmentally friendly clothes), and vet bills and stuff.

It does make more sense to have a pet that could eat grass, rather than having to buy pet food for (although you may still have to buy nutritional supplements occasionally), and that would hibernate during the winter (when the grass doesn't grow much, so doesn't need mowing), and could be trained to not poo on the grass, but I can't think of any animals that would do all that, so I think for now, the best option is to either let it overgrow, or start to mow.
written by tula, October 27, 2008
There are laws in a lot of places that prohibit having animals like sheep. There are even some places that insist upon lawns instead of gardens/wildflowers etc... Personally, I think sheep are a messy solution. They require too much maintenance. Your average person who works all day and comes home to generic levitra overnight his suburban home just doesn't have time to deal with caring for an animal like that. This solar-powered mower is just the follow link levitra samples in canada ticket! No fossil fuels are used to run it, so what's the problem?
written by greg, October 27, 2008
thank you, filo:

tear out the lawn; plant food
i have plenty of buy xanax online sheep
written by sam myerson, February 02, 2009
i have lots of sheep and i don't think u get pharmacy need to use lawn mowers just train them up and they are very useful! no need to punish the enviroment even more! yes i am gay and i have no problem with that i actually have a bf called jason and we have sex every night! he is my everything

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