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"Given medical trust issues, RFID interference(no fighting Physics here..."

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Solar-Powered, Health-Monitoring Clothing

solarjacketWhat now?  Well, Taiwan is finally putting it's massive electronics manufacturing base to work for itself.  They're creating a jacket, presumably, that will have solar panels integrated into it.  The solar panels will power some various health-monitoring devices (body heat, heart rate, blood pressure, and an RFID emitter that will beam the information to the health provider.

Freakin' weird.  From Infoworld: "A system could be designed that's powerful enough to run a laptop computer, but it would take a lot more solar panels -- and therefore a very big jacket, said Chang Cheng-tung, deputy chief of system integration at the institute."  Apparently we could see these 'e-health' jackets within a couple of years.  I like the idea, I just probably won't like the jacket. 
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Unlikely fashion item
written by Indigo, August 10, 2007
I am not sure if this will ever pass the concept stage. As a headline grabbing piece of eco-fashion, maybe, otherwise...
written by gary, July 24, 2008
Given medical trust issues, RFID interference(no fighting Physics here) issues, data interception and online pharmacy levitra hijacking issues, and awhole host of other technological hurdles, etc I doubt this is more than wishful thinking.

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