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Mercedes Unveils, Ultra-Weird, Wind-Powered Car

Formula One racing is order cialis online a fierce niche in the world of cars, but Mercedes-Benz wants to make that niche both fierce and only for you 100mg viagra emission-free. As part of the LA Auto Show's automobile Design Challenge, Mercedes has unveiled the Formula Zero Racer, their vision of the race car of 2025.

{digg}{/digg}The Formula Zero concept combines luxury, high speed and zero emissions for the cheap viagra canada ultimate future race car. The cutting edge vehicle features electric motors, regenerative braking, batteries charged by solar panels on discount viagra online the body and a wind turbine at the nose, and a high-tech sail.

Mercedes imagines that future racing won't be based on first place finishes. Teams will all be given the same amount of stored energy and will have to where to order viagra online manage that energy with their speed. Winners will be judged on both elapsed time and energy efficiency.

Sounds like a great fantasy. I don't know if hardcore fans will get behind any racing that doesn't focus completely on speed, but I suppose there is an interest in overall driving performance in racing today. Maybe in 2025, a car's energy efficiency will be just as captivating.

via Inhabitat


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written by Joe, October 29, 2008
It is time ecogeeks started making a noise about the stupidity of F1, Indy and V8 racing. So much waste and development in the wrong direction, it just can't go on. The petrol motor is dead, it is time for sports fans to move on to the next level. Formula Zero is absolutely brilliant, MB leads the way once more.
Here here!
written by Kris, October 30, 2008
I totally agree. I'd say the uk levitra sales worst offender is the V8 supercars. At least F1 TRY to be more efficient, even if the reasoning is speed.

Regardless, the fossil fuel engine truly is viagra next day facing death; if not mainly from environmental pressure, then at least from finite resources.

I hope that many people jump on board this new, (more) renewable, style of performance racing. Even without the environmental benefits, it's so much more interesting!
written by tussock, October 30, 2008
Just got to say; that is an incredibly beautiful thing.

Though I imagine the vehicle has about as much chance of turning up as the track they show it racing on. Vertical loop indeed.

And yes, fans have always appreciated power over economy. smilies/sad.gif
Race with even more tactical moves...
written by Dejan, October 30, 2008
Brilliant idea!
I am not a car race enthusiast, but this is something I would surely be interested in...
That would be races with bright tactical moves and cialis daily even more clever decisions. A game, not only an ordinary race.
Use your brain, not your power...
written by Clinch, October 30, 2008
There already is a Formula Zero championship, (although it's not very big, only 6 teams in it), and there isn't much info on it (they use hydrogen fuel cells, but if they use other form as well [i.e. solar] I've no idea).

The are other eco-friendly races out there as well, such as the numerous solar car races.

But while F1 cars seem neither eco nor practical (for the real world) they do perform a lot of research for their cars that does have more practical (and eco) applications, such as aerodynamics, lightweight materials, improving efficiency etc.

And in the end, this is just a silly looking concept car, and if people want zero-emissions racing to get the same amount of money invested in it as f1 racing, then they have to show the where is propecia manufactured big companies and sponsors that people are just as interested in it.
written by Jake, November 02, 2008
equip it with lasers
written by Peter, November 06, 2008
I want to try...

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