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NOV 11

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"The Solid-state drives are definitely energy-saving and therefore "Gre..."

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New Data Storage System Cuts Energy Use and Costs by 75%

Companies like Google are trying to come up with creative ways to canadian cialis with 2 free viagra use renewable energy, like tidal power, to power energy-sucking data storage centers. But while they're coming up with ways to float their servers in the middle of the ocean, Sun Microsystems has come up with a way to cut how much energy servers use in the first place. The company is cialis next day launching a new line of data storage products that use far less energy than traditional systems and dramatically cut costs.

According to researchers at Stanford University, between 2000 and 2005 the energy used by data servers doubled to 123 billion kwh, equaling one percent of the world's electricity use. The new systems developed by Sun use open source and solid-state memory drives, which require less power because they don't have moving parts. The systems will use 25 percent of the energy used by current systems.

The even better news is that Sun claims that the reduction in power consumption plus the use of an open source system will cut costs by 75 percent compared to its competitors. Let's hope that will be enough incentive to get companies to use the cheapest levitra uk new products and cut their energy consumption.

via Earth2Tech

Image via Sun Microsystems

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Nice, but not leading the industry.
written by CosetTheTable, November 11, 2008
EMC was leading the industry when they announced their solid state flash drives back in January. Back when the rest of the industry was calling them crazy about it.

It costs a lot more up front, is faster, and uses much less electricity.

The only thing Sun brings to the party that's new is open-source code, but that's not necessarily the right match for the highest end storage.
written by David Keech, November 12, 2008
New 7210: 1700 W
Old x4500: 1800 W

So around 5% difference in power consumption. Whoop dee doo.

Both servers have 48TB capacity. The 7210 also has two optional solid state drives of 18GB each and the CPUs are quad core instead of dual core. I really don't think two extra optional solid state drives are going to make much difference to the power requirements of a server with 48 traditional drives.

You can save a lot more power by consolidating several older servers into one single newer and more powerful server.
written by Corban, November 12, 2008
Open source deals in the software, not the what is cialis hardware. The fact that it's included sounds like word salad.
: /
written by Clinch, November 12, 2008
Hmm, the headline looks like this is great news, but the comments indicate that it's not really that newsworthy after all.
I'm just not sure whether I should be excited by this article, or remain apathetic
written by CosetTheTable, November 13, 2008
David's right--- server virtualization is the fastest and order cialis online easiest (probably also cheapest)way to save power.

Corban--- when you get into storage with many terabytes, the software is an important component, and it doesn't tend to be a separate purchase. A PC is somewhat independent from its OS, an enterprise storage offering.... not so much.
SSD drives are good, Open source softwar
written by Ryan, November 19, 2008
The Solid-state drives are definitely energy-saving and therefore "Green", however I don't really see how using Open-source software is "Green."

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