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NOV 16

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"Great concept will make people think how they use energy and how they ..."

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The Great White Way is Going Greener.

A new billboard is going up in the middle of Times Square that will be powered with 16 wind turbines and 64 solar panels instead of the usual electricity. When it's windy and sunny, the billboard will be able to generate enough electricity to light up.

Ricoh Co. of Japan is only best offers rx cialis setting up the 35,000-pound billboard 55 feet above street level on the corner of 7th Avenue and 42nd Street. The technology company, best known for its cameras and printers, estimates that the electricity normally drawn by such a billboard would power six homes annually. The fact that it will come from solar and wind power will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 18 tons every year.

It's not the first solar-powered billboard in the U.S. Last year, Pacific Gas and Electric set up a billboard in San Francisco powered by 20 PV panels. The Ricoh billboard in Times Square is much bigger, and it is employing a wind technology not seen in its west coast predecessor – vertical, cylindrical turbines. These turbines will serve as the billboard’s main power source; ninety per cent of the billboard's power will come from them and generic levitra sale the rest from the attached solar panels.

The $3-million billboard is scheduled to light up on cheep daily cialis December 4. Ricoh is depending entirely on renewable energy to light up the sign and has no backup generator in place – if there is no wind or sun, the sign will go dark.

Via: New York Times

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No backup generator...but batteries
written by Pat, November 16, 2008
No "no backup generator" line is somewhat misleading.

From the article:
...the rest will come from the solar panels on the sign, feeding electricity to eight collection batteries up in the sign....

Mr. Potesky said the turbines would most likely generate enough power to keep the sign lighted even after four days without wind or sun. But the company is prepared for the sign to go dark.
Giant illuminated billboard REDUCES CO2
written by Kris, November 16, 2008
I like the only here how does levitra work concept but the line
The fact that it will come from solar and wind power will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 18 tons every year.

makes the whole project sound a little rediculous... Building a giant white illuminated sign that's on 24/7 (or for as long as it's powered) simply can't reduce CO2 emmissions: there will always be a carbon trail (and a big one in this case, I bet) for the manufacturing, installation, etc., processes. It just seems ironic to claim a useless giant light source is viagra alternative reducing emmissions; far fewer emmissions would have been created by not building it at all.

Of course, there is the `advertising eco-tech' factor, which is arguably more important in this particular case.
Literally Powered
written by Skyler, November 16, 2008
I'm just happy to see that the sign is literally powered by the wind turbines and solar panels mentioned. I really hate it when things claim to be powered by such things when they're actually still powered by the grid (which may have a very small percentage of green going on)

Also, lighting floodlights on an otherwise passive sign doesn't sound as impressive as an active LED sign. If the power goes out, the sign isn't black, it's just not lit up.
written by Todd, November 16, 2008
Wait a minute? Hold it right there. Are we saying this company is doing something good for the environment? Do we need ads that use as much energy as six homes do? OK, so they're powering it with renewable energy, great, but that's still disgusting consumption of energy and encouragement for people to consume more products they don't need. FAIL.
Makes me want to free cialis sample puke
written by Gorgo, November 17, 2008
It is parasite companies like this that got us into our current predicament.

If Ricoh really wants to make a green statement with credibility, the CEO of Ricoh should sprinkle dog shit on his breakfast cereal.

written by Mark Hallee, November 17, 2008
disgusting. put that green energy to productive use rather than a self-serving advertisement.
>: (
written by Clinch, November 17, 2008
I agree with the last three posts (except the breakfast suggestion)
Using renewable energy for something completely unnecessary isn't green at all.
If the purpose of this was some sort of soft viagra publicity stunt to promote renewable energy, then I wouldn't have as big a problem with this, but what they're doing just seems like greenwashing.

If they just used a paper billboard, that was directly solar powered (i.e. you can see it from the sunlight that reflects directly off it), and they used the solar panels and wind turbines to partially power the building the billboard is on, I'd be much more impressed.
written by Karkus, November 17, 2008
Sure, this isn't perfect (and I hate bright signs like that), but we should give them some credit. Effectively, they installed renewable energy capacity, and they are displacing the dirty energy demand (regardless of what they use it for).
Although still not as good as getting rid of the sign altogether and using that renewable energy for something else, this is still a step in the right direction.
Now, if they had put up a new sign and power it with clean energy, then that would NOT be progress.
And even though I hate bright displays like that, think about your neighborhood and work place. Think about all those porch lights, street lights, office buildings lit up at night, etc. How are they any better than the TimesSquare sign?
(and no, these so called security light really don't deter crime....see for example
written by marvin winkler, December 26, 2008
Great concept will make people think how they use energy and how they can help reduce their carbon foot print.

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