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NOV 17

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"Great, so Dell is cheap tramadol overseas pharmacy taking strides in power consumption, but their packa..."

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Dell Continues to Rack Up Green Points

I have to admit, when I first heard that Dell was marketing new lines of green computers I wasn’t sure how to respond. After all, what company isn’t trying their hand at green marketing these days? It’s getting harder to tell the difference between those who are simply jumping on the viagra med uk bandwagon and levitra online us those who are actually making a difference.

This year, Dell is definitely making a difference. Their latest achievement: earning a 5.0 Energy Star rating seven months before an EPA-mandated deadline. Let's take a quick look at what else they've achieved:


  • Dell announced that by 2010 their laptops will be consuming 25% less power.


  • Dell introduces power supplies, which must be at least 80% efficient. Nearly half of Dell laptops and more than half of Dell desktops meet energystar 4.0.


  • Dell announces that it has met its carbon neutral goal more than five months ahead of schedule.
  • Dell unveils “hybrid” PC


  • Dell plans to transition all of its laptops from CCFL displays to LED displays, which consume less energy, are recyclable and are mercury free.


  • Dell offers power supplies that meet Energy Star 5.0 (at least 85% efficient internal power and 87% efficient AC power) in models such as Optiplex 760/960, Latitude E6400/E4300, and Dell Precision M2400.
  • Dell announces that since 2005, they have saved Optiplex customers $3 billion in energy costs, and reduced CO2 emissions by 29 million tons
  • Dell’s new Optiplex comes in packaging that is 89% recyclable, and contains at least 10% post-consumer recycled plastic

I think it's clear that what we see here is no advertising gimmick - these guys are on a mission. Dell, we salute you.

Via Dell

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Dell is also part of an IT/Environmental
written by VLanois, November 18, 2008
Just spotted online that a new organization called The Digital Energy Solutions Campaign launched today that Dell is a part of. The group is made up IT firms and Environmental organizations who "will work with the incoming Obama Administration and Congressional leaders to educate and promote how ICT strategies can make our economy robust while at the same time becoming increasingly energy efficient and drug generic levitra environmentally friendly." Other members include EMC, HP, Intel, the Technology CEO Council, Verizon, the the Alliance to Save Energy, The Climate Group, and the World Wildlife Fund. They've released a white paper as well.
Dell needs to take a lesson in packaging
written by Brian, November 20, 2008
Great, so Dell is taking strides in power consumption, but their packaging is still horrible.

I just unpacked a brand new Dell desktop today for our business. Not only was the thing encased in a ton of look here cialis buy now styrofoam, but it was also compeltely lined in peel & stick protective plastic. (the kind they put on the front of displays to keep them shiny).
The main thing that drives me nuts, is the packaging of cables. A VGA cable is not delicate, neither is a power cable. So why is wow look it purchase viagra in canada Dell wrapping the entire vga, power, usb, dvi, keyboard, and mouse cables in plastic bags? Not only are they wrapping the cables themselves, they rubber band foamed plastic around the connector, then top it off with a plastic cap to protect the pins.
Wouldn't it make a whole lot more sense to only use the pin caps and put all the cables together in a compartment of the box so they dont bang around? Wouldnt this accomplish the same thing and save Dell packaging and labor costs?

its just aggravating.

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