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"This is much better looking than the Amazon Kindle. But looking at the..."

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Sony Reader: It Does Exist!


Those lucky folks at Make: have got their hands on Sony's e-book reader (confusingly called the "Reader,") and it looks spectacular as expected.  The biggest problem with it, of course, is that they aren't releasing it.  In my opinion, it's because of problems with the market, not with the technology, as people have largely assumed. 

So, it seems that news surrounding e-readers is taking off a bit, what with the somewhat accidental announcement of Amazon's Kindle yesterday.  Comparing this with my Librie, I'd say the advantages are: 1. Price, this is cheaper at roughly $350 retail.  2. Better contrast ratio, lighter whites, darker blacks.  3. The instructions are in English!  4. Faster load times, you shouldn't have to wait for a book to boot up.  5. You don't have to hack the lame DRM!

Unless the real viagra without prescription Kindle (with it's wireless capabilities) comes in around or below this price, this will be my choice for my next E-book reader. That is, if they ever release it to the public.
More Pics here
Via Make: 
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Not the only option
written by Oiki, September 14, 2006
I have been using my Pocket PC to read books in PDF or HTML format and viagra 10 mg it works really good. It also has some other funtionalities (wireless web browser, you can use it to hear music, talk by internet, and many more). It's more expensive but these kind of things get cheaper everyday!!! (I'm pretty sure Palm models works more or less the same and even some new cell phones should also do the trick as long as they have windows ce). Probably we won't have to wait to levitra canada prescription much...
Better Looking.
written by Rob, September 14, 2006
This is much better looking than the Amazon Kindle. But looking at the other pictures on viagrabest viagra Flickr, they will need to improve the display contrast considerably, before I would be tempted away from paper books.
I want black on white, not dark grey, on light grey.

It really needs to fold out like a book as well, so that two pages show, I read quite quickly and don't want to have to press the page button too often.
Perhaps they could incorporate a device that follows your eyes and changes pages automatically. smilies/cheesy.gif

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