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NOV 20

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"Now if we could just get NG to maintain ethical and buy levitra in france just archeological..."

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National Geographic Gets Into Games

National Geographic announced Tuesday that it's creating a line of games for PCs, consoles and handheld devices. The games, like the how does cialis work company's trademark magazine and programming, will feature content with socially and environmentally-conscious themes.

The first game available now on their website is "Herod's Lost Tomb" based on the December 2008 cover story and a related TV program. The game has users finding hidden objects in the king's tomb. The next game to come out this month is for Nintendo DS called "National Geographic: Panda" where players are responsible for taking care of a panda.

Other titles coming in the next few months are "Rain Forests," "National Geographic: Africa" and "Greencity."

Paul Levine, the division's executive, describes the games as "entertainment with substance" and doesn't foresee them being used in schools, but if you're going to spend money on games, it's comforting to know that the organization profiting is viagra generic known for doing a world of good.

via AP

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written by czf, November 20, 2008
Now if we could just get NG to maintain ethical and just archeological practices.

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