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NOV 20

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Jetta TDI: 2009 Green Car of the Year

This morning at the LA Auto Show, Green Car Journal named the Volkswagen Jetta TDI 2009 Green Car of the Year. This is tramadol 100 prices the first time that a diesel has been named Green Car of the Year, and to take the top honors it had to best stiff competition from microcars and wow it's great buy cialis on the internet hybrids alike. However, you have to keep in mind that the award has only been given since 2005, so it hasn't actually taken that long for a diesel to cialis no perscription take top honors.

About the viagra professional pfizer award, Green Car Journal editor and publisher Ron Cogan said, "The 2009 Volkswage Jetta TDI epitomizes what the Green Car of the Year honor is all about. It raises the bar significantly in environmental performance with its EPA estimated 41 mpg highway fuel economy, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and extremely low tailpipe emissions. This is all the more impressive when you consider the Jetta TDI is a clean diesel, achieving the kind of fuel efficiency offered by gasoline-electric hybrids but in a more affordable way."

The car is based on Jetta's 2.0-liter, turbocharged direct injection engine, which is the first from the company to meet 50 states diesel emissions requirements. However, this technology comes at a steep price with the generic viagra canada base vehicle costing consumers $21,990 and boasting a reportedly 8 month long waiting list.

The TDI beat out the BMW 335d, Ford Fusion Hybrid, Saturn Vue 2 Mode Hybrid, smart fortwo to take the final prize. Other notable vehicles like the new Honda Insight Concept were not included in the competition.

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written by Shawn Marie, November 20, 2008
That's really awesome! My husband and I have been wanting a Jetta TDI for almost 2 years now. Now they're better for the environment too!

Hopefully the waiting list won't be so long when we can finally afford to get one.
written by Lynn Miller, November 20, 2008
Hank, ask someone at the show why the diesel powered Citroen C-3 wasn't at the LA Auto show, its a 5 passenger, 5 door model that gets 76 mpg! It has been produced for the last 4 years, and you can buy it today in Central America for $18,000. Now that I can afford (not a Jetta), but you can't bring it to the US or Canada, even if you add the particulate filter to the exhaust system. Somebody has bought off Citroen to online levitra uk keep it out of the US, can you say "Big Three"?
written by Rob, November 20, 2008
I love how the auto industry is embracing the green movement. Yes, they are somewhat being forced to change but it looks like the quality of their products is top-notch. VW has been a leader in the industry for a long time. It seems as though they will continue to be the leader over the next 20.
Give me a break
written by Jason Kratz, November 21, 2008
Great. The car gets 41mpg. But you're also paying a lot more for fuel in the first place. Where is the savings?
Jetta TDI
written by Jay Tee, November 21, 2008
@ Lynn, Citroen isn't going to introduce a single model to the U.S, especially when there are no Citroen dealers here already.
Second, I own a VW Jetta TDI, and you can get far better than 41 MPG with the car.
Third, VW blew it when they put in a 2.0 liter engine. They should have sized the engine to something like 1.7 liters, the car has more power than necessary right now.
Yeah, but it's a VW
written by Paul, November 21, 2008
As a former VW TDI owner, I have to say that these are decent cars if you:

1. Are an auto mechanic with spare time/money to fix all the little things that will go wrong with it.


2. Don't mind paying another mechanic to online viagra uk fix all the little things that go wrong for you.

I'm a diesel fan for sure, but I'm off VW forever. I just wish Toyota would introduce a diesel in the states, but I know that ain't gonna happen with all they've invested in hybrid technology. I'd go for a diesel-electric hybrid though and get 80 MPG.
Diesel Jettas
written by Uncle B, November 21, 2008
Can Jetta make a diesel ignition engine that injects Compressed Natural Gas instead of imported oil, and will Obama pave the buy viagra without a prescription way for such cars? We need to get off of imported oil before the price goes up again, Will the Jetta run on bio-diesel? Whatever happened to VW's Diesel/electric with four motors, one at each wheel, and no wasteful transmission? When will VW dispense with the heavy sheetmetal bodies and give us ultralight carbon fiber and polymer composite body parts? Good show, VW you are making more progress than Detroit, but don't stop now, go for the gold!

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