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NOV 20

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Databases Track Renewable Energy Incentives

It's wonderful that the government offers incentives, subsidies and low price viagra tax credits for using renewable energy, but up until now, there hasn't been a centralized place to find out which of these you might qualify for. North Carolina Solar Center and the Interstate Renewable Energy Council have joined forces to online viagra create two new databases for just that purpose.

The Federal Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (FIRE) database lists federal incentives as well as their rules, regulations, policies and incentive summaries for corporations. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE) does the same, but for state, local and utility incentives.

Now, no matter where you live, you can find out exactly what kind of brand levitra price incentive you're entitled to if you're using renewable energy or planning on doing so in the future.

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I use this all the time, and the incenti
written by Daniel Bell, November 20, 2008
Yes, this is a resource that those of us in the green building industry have been using for a long time.

The state of federal incentives for efficiency is cialis without perscription horrible.

There is one. Yes, one. And its capped at $500.

It will be a great day when efficiency gets a 30% uncapped credit like solar.
Up until when?
written by John Humphrey, November 21, 2008
This database is very useful but it has been been around for years. although that cute "FIRE" acronym is... new... :) (actually that just goes to a specific page on the DSIRE web site that lists federal incentives)

Daniel, I'm not sure which incentive you're referring to, but the Energy Policy Act, (EPAct) incentives for efficiency apply to lighting, HVAC and building envelope improvements. The cap is $1.80 per square foot but can go MIUCH higher than 500 dollars.

read more about this act here:

John Humphrey
Sustainable Energy Partners (obligatory plug)
Energy Star
written by Garo, November 21, 2008
It amazes me that there are incentives for Energy improvements to your home, but not for buying an Energy Star certified home. Sure, it's great to renovate and add E-star windows, but shouldn't you also be rewarded if you're buying new construction and the house is E-star certified? That's a much higher level of whole-home performance than just the minor improvements one might make to cheap cialis soft an old home (which I agree should also be rewarded).
written by Daniel Bell, November 21, 2008
Hey John,

Good to hear from SEP :)
I tried to edit my comment as I was sending it but was too late.

I was referring to residential, which is (frustratingly) capped at $500. There are obviously bigger ones for commercial.

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