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COP14 - More Important Than it Sounds

The United Nations is about to sit down and levitra roma talk about the grim possibilities and probabilities of climate change, and make some pretty serious decisions. The COP14 (14th Conference of canadian drugs cialis the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) conference will be taking place between the 1st and the 12th of December.

The way that the UN tackles the order cialis without prescription cod world's largest problems might make the average person want to yank a couple of teeth out just to have something else to think about. But EcoGeek will be bringing you the news of the conference with enough intelligent analysis, terrified hope and occasional absurdity that you might actually want to read it.

No guarantees, it is, after all, a UN conference. The description the UN put together contains the following paragraph:

The supreme authority of the Convention is the Conference of the Parties to the Convention (COP), the sessions of which are held regularly (once a year) and aim at establishing the rules of implementation of link for you best way to take levitra UNFCCC. The subsidiary bodies (SBs), the Bureau, the Secretariat and the authorities established by the COP: working groups, export bodies and committees also operate in its scope.

If you didn't get through that, we don't blame you. How about we say this instead:

The UN is the one body in the world that has any significant international power, and they want to keep the world from destroying itself. And if they have to wade cheek-deep in bureaucracy to levitra canadian do it, then, god damnit, they will.

You can see just the COP14 news as it rolls in here.

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