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Emissions Free Headphones.

solar_radioOK, we don't usually think of cialis soft tabs 50mg pills our portable music as having emissions but, in this age, almost everything that uses electricity has some CO2 byproduct.  Well, not these headphones.  Just put them on your head and, as long as it's not night time, or dreary, they'll pick up local radio and cialis brand name thump it into your eardrums using the power of the sun. 

And, the battery even charges while you're listening.  One hour of sunlight can provide enough juice for up to only best offers canadian pharmacy levitra 3 hours of music.  No wires, no charging, it's all built in and you can get it all for $38.
Via Gizmodo and Mobilewhack 
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Need more green...
written by GTW, September 14, 2006
ways to treat skin cancer too. Wait, I forgot... the nature lovers go the look here cialis from mexico extra distance to put on sunblock unlike the people who don't care about nature.

All that aside, how much CO2 emissions does a regular set of headphones produce? I can't imagine it being any close to significant to even think about.

Does anyone else think that green is canada pharmacy sometimes an extreme obsession that doesn't consider other factors that come into play? Like spending money on things that have an insignificant positive effect just because those things are considered green, doesn't make it easier to do anything about the 30,000 or more kids who're dying everyday?

People can be fools from head to usa online pharmacies viagra toe, whether they're green or not smilies/sad.gif
written by Celia, January 12, 2007
I don't care what that person says. I don't want to digging around for batteries when I want to jog or commute or anything else of the like. Manufacturing of batteries causes the CO2 or other pollutants. As for all the kids that are dying, doesn't anyone have any faith that someone is working on that?

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