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NOV 28

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"I don't car much for getting into those Jamese Bond cars but I sure wo..."

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The Environmental Technology of the New James Bond

007 isn't generally known for being friendly to anything except the ladies. So being friendly to the Earth certainly hasn't ever mattered. The question is, now that green-tech is awesome, and green-style is sexy, what's a Bond to do?

Quantum of Solace seems to take two stances on the issue.

First, green chic is lame. The lead villain of the movie (who shares my last name, unfortunately) is beyond greenwashing. His energy company has been pretending to buy up ecologically sensitive areas, but really he's trying to control the world's water. Sounds like a page out of buy viagra in canada no prescription T. Boone's playbook to me.

And as Greene tries to raise money for his faux-organization, we see the private-jet-flying, schmoozy, evening-balling lameness that I know exists (but have yet to be invited into...for some reason.) Daniel and generic cialis from china Olga look smashing, of course, but you can see right through the facade. It's just another reason for rich people to get together and celebrate how rich they are.
Anyone in the movie who appears to generic levitra sale give a crap about the environment for it's own sake isn't just full of themselves, they're also the kind of person who is cialis and women likely to dine on Florida Panther just because it's hard to get. The message is clear, this "being green to be cool thing" is over, in the eyes of Bond. And Bond is the link for you daily cialis leader of cool, as far as a lot of the world is concerned.

On the other hand, clean technologies suddenly start looking pretty damned cool. A half-Russian, half-South American Bond chick cruises around in a Ford Ka. It's likely that you've never heard of the Ka because they don't sell them in America. But it's basically Ford's answer to the Smart Car. A little larger, but ultra-cheap and it gets 38 mpg.
Bond starts out the movie completely destroying a 13 mpg Aston Martin, showing the kind of distaste toward that obsolete technology as an EcoGeek might expect. While, in the end of cialis order no prescription the film, he's treating his new hydrogen-powered Ford Edge like a baby, because he obviously loves the technology so much.

The Ka and the Edge are genuine examples of the kind of technology that might one day make our lives and the world a better place. It's a long way from exploding cuff links, and a long way in the right direction, as far as EcoGeek is concerned.

(keep reading to see Bond escape in the Ka)

I will also say that there were a couple of misunderstandings of green technology though. First, we see that the hydrogen powered car has a can of motor oil in it. Seems like someone didn't quite understand fuel cell vehicles since they (and all other EVs) don't need motor oil. Just one more reason why I want an electric car.

Second, (Spoiler Alert) the villain's lair / bizarrely-placed luxury hotel is powered by hydrogen fuel cells, but instead of generating all of the power offsite (like all fuel cell powered things do) Every Single Room has its own fuel cell and hydrogen tank.

While this makes for a pretty dang cool impending doom scenario, it's ridiculously unrealistic. A single, larger fuel cell would not only be fantastically safer, but also a heck of wow look it viagra canda a lot cheaper.

Thanks to Autopia and Ecorazzi

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Bond is awesome
written by No Way, November 29, 2008
Wouldn't really call that much of an escape...maybe just driving down the road and turning into an alley...and Bond isnt even driving.

I bet it was totally eco geek cool when all those unstable hydrogen cells blew up the cialis online sales compound! I totally want those in my was like a green demolition!

I also saw that Bond left the lights on in his hotel room when he left....that is not cool! We should all write letters to the director and buy cheap online levitra explain that is not eco cool! Geez!

Just a movie people...just a movie.
written by Clinch, November 29, 2008
Hydrogen fuel isn't green for an evil lair. Why not just be powered directly by the grid, rather than have the inefficiencies of transferring grid electricity to hydrogen, and back in to electricity?

Also, why wouldn't an EV need motor oil? It has moving parts that need to rub past each other with as little friction as possible.
See the REAL Bond water villains in new
written by Sam Bozzo, November 29, 2008
The new documentary Blue Gold: World Water Wars, details the real-life politics of water barons like the villain of James Bond Quantum of Solace. Check it out at
Grease, not oil
written by David Keech, December 01, 2008
Electric cars do canadian pharmacy levitra value pack have moving parts but these parts need grease, not oil. Ball bearings, diffs, the steering column, etc. It's parts like the pistons and the crank that need oil which electric vehicles don't have.

The amount of grease needed, however, is much, much less than the amount of oil a petrol or diesel engine requires and, of course, they require the same amount of grease as well.
Olgas ass
written by Lium, December 01, 2008
I don't car much for getting into those Jamese Bond cars but I sure would like to get into Olga's ass.

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