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"Technologies For Climate Protection" Exhibition Opens

As part of this year's UN Climate Conference, the government of Poland has put together what might very well be the ecogeekiest place on Earth. A 7000 square meter exhibition hall containing 120 devices from 20 countries...

all with the goal of decreasing our impact on the indian online levitra environment.

The hall contains fog catchers that pull water from the air, dance floors that can power dance halls, a solar-powered internet cafe from Gambia, hydrogen cars and order generic viagra ultra-insulating materials. It's all available for people to see and consider purchasing for themselves or their countries. And I sure do try it buy levitra in canada wish I was there right now.

The hall also has exhibits that will let participants build their own solar collectors or play out different scenarios in which the UN does (or does not) take adequate steps to levitra vs viagra control climate change.

This is all part of today's launch of the COP14 conference in which the UN will be updating, or possibly completely rewriting, the Kyoto Protocol. It's all taking place in Poland, one of the most industrial and coal-dependent nations in Europe. And, as we've said, EcoGeek will be following the proceedings carefully, and providing the coverage at a special dedicated page.

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