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DEC 03

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"Well, studies suggest that China now pollutes the most greenhouse gase..."

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My Advice to the buy mg propecia UN: Trash the Kyoto Protocol

The United Nations is meeting this week in Poland, trying to cialis cheap no prescription figure out how best to tackle Climate Change. And as they deliberate about how exactly to change their approach to climate change, and prepare for the 2009 meeting in Copenhagen, where they will replace the Kyoto Protocol (set to expire in 2012). All I can say is, Kyoto is done, we need to move on. Now.

Here are three reasons why.

  1. Technology.
    The Kyoto protocol was put together in 1992. Now, more than 15 years later, nothing has advanced quite so rapidly as environmental technology. Clean tech. has gone from being a pie in the sky to a proposed savior for the world economy. The Kyoto Protocol must reflect this change and promote clean technology research as a viable method of GHG reduction.
  2. China and India
    If there's anything that's changed more in the past 15 years than China and India, I don't want to female cialis pills know about it. Both of these countries are considered by the Kyoto Protocol to be "pre-industrial" and thus exempt from harsh regulation. That made sense 15 years ago. But now, China is getting cialis the world's largest producer of greenhouse gasses, and everyone agrees that they could maybe grow a little slower without too many ill effects. China and India should be regulated more strictly.
  3. It was the cheapest viagra Plan All Along!
    From the first day I understood what the Kyoto Protocol was, I knew it wasn't enough. But what did people tell me? That the Kyoto Protocol is only the first step, an outline by which to begin to understand the problem, so we could create other agreements that would be more fair, more intelligent and do a better job of controlling climate change.

Well it's time to stop waiting for the next Kyoto Protocol. Let's hope the UN figures out how to re-structure the purchase cialis protocol in a way that takes the last fifteen years of change, success and failure into account.

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written by Alex, December 03, 2008
I haven't researched Kyoto very much, but I can definite agree with you if only for #2. No reason why they should be exempt with economies their size. Of course, we need to get be a part of a global "protocol" as well this time.
Kyoto: Worse than nothing
written by EV, December 03, 2008
Actually, I'd say Kyoto was a step backwards. By making it so China and India are exempt, a lot of industry was moved there and the products were imported into Europe and elsewhere. So all it did was move the source of the CO2, not reduce it.

But wait, it's worse than that. China and India's factories and power plants are less efficient than those in the US and EU. As such, they produce more CO2 for a given product than if they were built in pre-kyoto Europe. Further, the environmental laws regarding mercury, etc. in China are a joke and just try! how to buy viagra we can see things there that I'm not sure were ever done on that scale in Europe or the US. Has the yangzee caught fire yet?
CHina is not the cheap viagra in usa worst
written by Johny, December 04, 2008
I am really sick of those people that are saying that china is the biggest producer of the green-house gasses. Well of course they are biggest when they have 1/4 of the EARTH population. Therefore they have the RIGHT of producing it. Secondly, they have RIGHT for the fast economic and industrial growth. The FIRST country that should limit itself is the only the united states. with its only 300 million population produces the same amount of the green house gasses as China. (China is 5x larger then usa).
written by Corban, December 04, 2008

I actually don't think China needs its noose tightened further. As you can see, they're already taking steps towards greening their people. Yes, they'll be big polluters, but they're taking preemptive steps! We should reward them for their forward thinking! Now, this is in contrast to the US. A decline in infrastructure upgrades, along with an obsession with large houses rather than efficient houses, shows that our priorities are messed up. Indeed, in any other context the US is the one that should be slammed!

I agree with Johny; when you prorate emissions per person, the US sticks out like a sore thumb.
Re:Per Capita Emissions
written by EV, December 04, 2008
The US does not lead the world in per capita emissions as you would try to claim. We make #10 on the list by CO2/person with the #1 country Qatar having over 3x the per capita emissions compared to the US. Further, out of the 10 most polluted cities in the world, 7 are in China.

Oh, and China has a 'right' to emit more? Then what is the 'right' amount of CO2 per person?
written by EV, December 04, 2008
And something I forgot to add in time:
Also, what counts more? Efficiency, which China lacks, or the carbon footprint based on consumption? Show me a CO2/person based on where the products are actually consumed, not where CO2 is emitted. THEN lets see if the US is anywhere in the top 10 per capita.
written by Simon, December 05, 2008
Well, studies suggest that China now pollutes the most greenhouse gases. But USA is still a strong number 2. And if you look at per capita greenhouse gas emissions USA and the rest of the "North" is much worse than China.

The blame shouldn't be on the developing countries such as China and India to adopt a greener lifestyle before the "North" does it. After all it's our companies that make the products etc for Western consumption in their countries.

If the USA wouldn't have screwed the Kyoto protocol over back in its early days we would have better and more updated climate targets and protocols by now.

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