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DEC 04

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"@Tim: Electrical brakes are actually far better than mechanical brakes..."

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Yes...This Car Just Beat the Tesla Roadster in a Race

We've seen the Tango electric car before. A four-wheel two-seater that looks like it's going to fall over if the wind blows too hard. And we've been skeptical of its acceleration claims...I mean, how can a car that looks like that go from zero to sixty in four seconds?

We are skeptics no more. The Tango just beat the canadian drugs propecia Tesla Roadster in a one-on-one race. It's actually the first EV on EV race I've ever seen. If the camera work had been a little better, maybe we would have felt the excitement more. But when that little guy took off the starting line my heart skipped a beat.

The Tango came in at 14.480 seconds while the Roadster's quarter mile was 14.666. This may have been driver error more than anything. And it's not clear whether the Roadster was fully charged and click now viagra india in optimal condition (since it can do quarter miles in just over 12 seconds) but just the fact that it was close is somewhat alarming.

Rethink everything you know about cars people, EVs change it all.

Check out the video below the fold.

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written by Fayestardust, December 04, 2008
hello Hank, this is not a comment on the actual post but I found something I thought you might like, or at least find funny: ecofont

best wishes

They cost the same!
written by Gregg, December 04, 2008
The funny part is the Tango and the Tesla roughly the same cost! So I'll still go for the uk viagra prices Tesla (if they ever come out and I can afford one!).

written by bob, December 04, 2008
I'd go for one of the $40K Tangos in a heartbeat. It's the exact form factor I'm looking for in a commuter car. All of the smallness of a motorcycle without the need to levitra professional international mail order balance or exposure to the elements.
EV-on-EV races
written by Ben, December 05, 2008
You say "It's actually the first EV on EV race I've ever seen." Then you've clearly been missing all the fun at the National Electric Drag Racing Association (NEDRA).

Which was not charged
written by Tim, December 05, 2008
Actually it was the Tango that was not fully charged. Given the specs of the two cars, I would fully expect the Tango to win at every performance test, except maybe, braking and definately range. Simply because the Tesla has the advantage of electrical as well as mechanical brakes and the much lighter lithium batteries.
written by Kyle, December 05, 2008
I would suspect the tesla would be able to turn at higher speed, and attract the opposite sex a bit better.
they do cheap cialis soft not cost the same
written by skip, December 05, 2008
Gregg- Um... the Tesla Roadster starts at $100,000 and the Tango is around $40,000.
They do cost the same! -- Roadster had o
written by Doug, December 05, 2008
Last I checked the Tango cost over $100K. They want to be able to offer a $40K version, but it hasn't been designed yet and is years away pending funding.

The Tesla used in this drag race is Signature 100 #9, and is one of the early cars that was delivered with an interim drivetrain (DT 1.0). Current Roadsters are delivered with drivetrain 1.5 which has much better performance. The Roadster that got the 12 sec 1/4 mile time had this updated drivetrain. The 40 or so customers that got the interim drivetrain can have their cars updated at by Tesla at no cost.
@EV-on-EV races
written by Greely, December 06, 2008
This site is not known for its scientific knowledge nor journalistic rigour. I doubt if the author has even heard of the concept called 'research'.

The author should research torque output of electric motors for a start, in particular how an electric motor can provide immense levels of torque for a brief period of levitra on women time.

written by Johnny Wilcox, December 07, 2008
"This site is not known for its scientific knowledge nor journalistic rigour. I doubt if the author has even heard of the concept called 'research'."

True. It's a shame, too.
written by richie, December 12, 2008
gosh Kyle, attracting the opposite sex is just SO important even down to the last gasp of O2. And really, turning ability's critical too - getting back to the kerb faster to chat them up, y'know? But think for a minute here: surely you'd be able to set a record [or at least start a trend] doing it STANDING UP! in the taller car?
It's reassuring to see that SOME of us can still get our priorities right!
Critical comment? Journalistic rigour?
written by Dave, December 12, 2008
Hey Hank - I really appreciate your reporting and look forward to each issue of ecogeek. Please keep up the good work and tramadol from mexico don't let negative comments dampen your refreshing enthusiasm.
written by Richard Davine, December 12, 2008
Wow this is cool. I'd love to see a plug in EV component in our Aussie Solar Car Challenge!
EV's are back baby! Check out the EV Drag races they're well cool. Did you know that the first car to achieve 100kmph was a Belgian EV Car back in 1899. The French and Belgians led the world with these cars back then. Will they do it again?
The race is on.
And there is how to get some viagra nothing wrong with wanting to look cool for the ladies in your car. Unless you're an angry Feminazi. ;D
OF: response to Eco Font
written by Wouter, December 13, 2008
Eco Font is an edited version of Trebuchet MS.
Why not use Arial or an other regular used font type?
written by knoxie, December 17, 2008
Yeah hmm maybe but the Tango looks like a shoe :D I would much rather have the Tesla.
written by sailingsoul, December 17, 2008
Something is very wrong. Two $100,000 cars that can't burn the rubber, if they tried? HA HA, these cars are for gi,,,not for men. I don't care how sexy the tesla looks, that's not right. Can we get a car with some balls, please? This is like a bad nightmare. Wake up the engineers because they are sleeping on the job. SS
written by Egon, February 03, 2009
Electrical brakes are actually far better than mechanical brakes (although it is comforting to try it cialis mail order know you have a mechanical fall-back if the electrical switches or one of the electrical cables decide to give in).

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