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DEC 05

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"Uhhh, this isn’t news. Brazil has been doing this for..."

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Fill Your Car with Starbucks Diesel?

Coffee is well known for being able to power the economic engine that is America's workforce. But its not particularly good at powering actual engines. It's much better at making compost, if you're going to try and cialis online canada find something to do with it.

Well, that may no longer be the case. Some chemical engineers at the University of Nevada are reporting that they've made a high quality bio-diesel from coffee grounds. Coffee grounds are actually about 15% oil, which isn't a great percentage for a bio-diesel crop. Unless you don't have to grow it, and companies might actually pay you to help get rid of it.

The researchers estimate that their process could produce about 340 million gallons of bio-diesel from coffee world wide, and that they could make about $8 M in profits just from Starbuck's grounds.

It's not going to save the world, but it's certainly a smart use for what is otherwise just trash.

Via ArsTechnica and

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written by Tom, December 05, 2008
Hah, love the image. Starbucks has been trying to portray itself as a socially responsible corporate citizen lately, but I'm not sure how accurate their claims are. This would be a great thing for them if they actually started doing it on a large scale.
written by Corban, December 05, 2008
Turning junk into treasure! This is the only here levitra without prescription right way to go!
The Heart of the Solution is Closer Than
written by Teko, December 06, 2008
Chicken John in San Francisco runs his converted pick up on cheap quality cialis used coffee grins. It seems like all the solution for our current eco problems are out there if we want it. But the real big issue is will the big Oil, and Car company stop sabotaging people trying to make progress, and maybe even SWITCH to doing things that helps the environment? Do people really need SUVs, or that gas guzzling sports car? Can't we have a better routed & affordable public transportation through out the entire US, so that driving is cheap generic levitra more of a novelty, than a necessity. What about bicycling? It comes with health benefit of daily cardio-exercise, weight loss, virtually no emission, and an incredibly low chance of inexpensive cialis a fatal accidents... increased free space from smaller need for parking space.

I think through education, the things to improve our world should become quite obvious. And positive change starts within our daily lives, like bring our cups to coffee shops, bags to viagra gel grocery store. Once we put aside the official canadian pharmacy DISPOSABLE GOODS mentality, things will already start to look better.
written by Magnulus, December 06, 2008
Finally there's a use for that massive franchise of Warm Milk With Foul Sludge In It retailers. They would be useful as shelter when it rains if it weren't for the fact that you'd have to BUY something if you want to hang out there...

Sorry, I'm a tad annoyed after my lapse in judgement yesterday when I actually tried buying something there. *shudders at the thought*
written by Clinch, December 06, 2008
I hope this doesn't mean that car emmisions will start making everywhere smell of coffee.
And will they sell their diesel like their coffee, with wierd names and sich.
written by Magnulus, December 06, 2008
Hahahah! Orange Mocha Dieselchino! ^_^
Starbucks Supercenters
written by A.E., December 06, 2008
Sounds like the makings of a Starbucks Supercenter: while waiting for your five dollar morning jones, you can swing by the coffee ground cosmetic department for some hair care, exfoliant and cellulite treatment; stroll through the coffee ground home and garden center for fertilizer or ant and flea repellent; hit the household coffee ground section for abrasive cleaner and scratch remover; not to mention filling up with a tank full before heading out the door. Now, ain't that green($$$)?

A. E.
written by Fatih NALÇACI, December 09, 2008
Thanks. for energy biodiesel
Old story
written by terrence, December 09, 2008
Uhhh, this isn’t news. Brazil has been doing this for years already.

For example, from 2006:

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