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DEC 15

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"No, the F450 does not weigh 1400 pounds, nor does it weigh 14,000 poun..."

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Monster Trucks and canada levitra generic Biodiesel

There are many shades between brown and green. Somewhere in between devil-may-care, pollute-as-you-go, overindulgent consumerism (Dubai’s planned air-conditioned beach being a perfect, albeit cartoonish example) and the eco-ascetic philosophy - that we must learn to live without any of the things we like – is a man named Johnathan Goodwin.

Mr. Goodwin, a native Kansan, retrofits cars so that they can run on renewable fuels, such as biodiesel, hydrogen, or electric batteries. In that sense, he’s just doing what lots of other ecogeeks out there are doing – tinkering with cars so that they don’t need to run on gas. But Goodwin’s projects are no frugal economy vehicles – they exude luxury, size, power and style.

Consider, for example, his 1400 pound Ford F450 that runs on diesel, hydrogen or natural gas. Or a ’64 Impala that has a raging 850 horsepower engine and gets 25 mpg. Goodwin works on projects for the levitra best price rich and famous; his clients include Neil Young – whose 1959 Lincoln was converted into an EV with a 100 mile range – and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose 1984 Jeep now gets twice its old fuel economy (in addition to received souped-up power and handling). And then of course there’s his literally green Hummer that gets 40 mpg.

Goodwin’s creations may not win any green awards. 40 mpg is impressive for a Hummer, but it’s not that much higher than the average fuel economy in Europe. Besides, unless you’re either very wealthy or a muscle car fanatic, it would make little sense to buy generic viagra from india pimp your ride out like that when you could just buy a new, fuel efficient car.

Still, there is the philosophy behind it. Johnathan Goodwin believes in using renewable fuels and getting good mileage, but he also believes that a car should be fun to drive. “Nobody wants to sacrifice size and style to gain fuel efficiency,” he says. “And there’s no reason to do it.” To all those who believe that going green means tightening your belt he says – you can have your cake and eat it too.

To be sure, some of the things we love are decidedly unsustainable, and need to change. I am certainly not entitled to a big powerful car simply because I don’t want to give it up. Goodwin’s point, though, is that as technology gets greener it can also get just plain better.

Via CNET Green Tech

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Hydrogen fuel isn't the same as bio-dies
written by Really, December 16, 2008
The obvious benefit of converting regular engines from gas to alternative source will save cars and trucks from becoming a mass pile of buy cheap deal viagra viagra viagra metal garbage once the crude oil runs out.... and that's great.

As far as fuel usage goes....

Hydrogen powered car could produce as much exhaust as they may because the stuff coming out of their tail pipe is water! However Bio diesel is not the same. Diesel combustion produces carbon based pollution. I understand that some sector of our work force depends on large vehicle, and trucks. But most of those Hummers, or SUV driver rarely need such large car(especially those kinds that spends hours on weekends polishing their "baby" to high gloss, enough to see themselves in the reflection)

The issue with being green in the US partly has to do with the how much levitra culture of "bigger is cialis in india better" instead of figuring out each individual's real needs.
Every Bit Counts
written by Global Patriot, December 16, 2008
Which is to say that every device that is made more efficient helps to some extent. But we shouldn't be fooled into thinking that a more efficient brand of wastefulness is the long term direction we need to be heading in.

What I enjoy about these examples is that someone is looking to apply technology to levitra sales uk the problem, and that hold the promise of viagra alternatives australia developing solutions that apply to a much broader base of the overall problem.
Hummers vs Prii
written by Francis, December 16, 2008
I don't understand why a good half of men in America think that if you have a big car, it suddenly makes you macho. Personally I think if a man drives a prius it makes them a LOT tougher than men who drive hummers...they aren't afraid to go against the grain and actually care for the environment.

"1400 lb. Ford F450" ... !? Multiply by
written by Mark, December 16, 2008
Curb weight of the F450 is 14,500 lbs. Plus passengers and equipment, that's an 8-ton monster vehicle. Don't buy one unless you *really* need it.

And No, Francis, driving a Prius doesn't make you tough. That's just a ridiculous thing to say. It might signify that you are frugal - or eco-cool - or eco-pious. That's not even in the same room as tough.
i've said this before, but
written by Mr. Lee, December 16, 2008
improvements in fuel efficient technologies just let you make bigger cars while maintaining the same level of efficiency. Technology is *not* enough. Policy and genuine social change is buy kamagra *required*.
written by Luke, December 16, 2008
Re: Hydrogen fuel isn't the same as bio-dies

By the same reasoning that water is the only exhaust from burning hydrogen, gasoline and diesel engines only produce water and CO2. (High school stoicheometry).

Everyone knows that the emissions from gasoline and diesel engines are much more complex, interesting, and dangerous than that... I heard once about a paper claiming that hydrogen engines tend to burn more oil than gasoline engines, which would make sense to me, since most hydrogen engines are research-tools rather than high-volume production units. I agree that hydrogen engines would probably be cleaner than burning natural gas -- but I wouldn't go as far as to claim that hydrogen is the answer.

The other issue is finding the hydrogen to burn... I don't know of anywhere on earth where you could drill for hydrogen Until we start mining the buy viagra online pharmacy gas giants or the Oort cloud, we'll probably have to enter site levitra online pharmacy no prescription make to make our own hydrogen by knocking the carbon off of natural gas (the way it's done now, which emits lots of CO2), or from water. The problem with making it from water is that you're burning hydrogen backwards. That sounds wonderful, except that you have to put all of generica cialis the energy into the water that it will release when you burn it later. (This is also covered in high school stoicheometry.) That sounds an awful lot like a battery!

That doesn't mean that hydrogen isn't usefulfor transportation -- but it does slap the "hydrogen is the answer" idea around just a bit. Many liquid-fueled rocket launch vehicles already hydrogen-powered, and powering commercial airliners with hydrogen seems reasonable. Hydrogen packs more energy per unit mass than any other fuel -- though it doesn't carry as much energy per unit volume as jet fuel or gasoline. So, an airliner would require bigger (but lighter) fuel tanks. Also, commercial airliners are operated by professional crews, and they travel between a small number of well-developed destinations, so many things get easier.

Anyway, I love getting down in the weeds with this stuff. It's super-fascinating! But, as often as not, the reality (as I understand it) clashes with what alternative-energy advocates believe. But, if we advocate things that actually work (like lightweight battery technology), then everyone wins in the end.

Travel clean!
I agree...
written by Tom, December 16, 2008
I agree with some of these other comments...there is a culture of "bigger is better" here in the U.S., and it could be a lot more helpful if we put work into changing our habits and where buy cialis state of mind about energy waste.
Against the grain? Prius is anything bu
written by jello5929, December 16, 2008
Against the grain would be a 7.0L muscle car V8 with spark plugs in the pipes that would reignite an overly rich fuel mixture.

That said I don't think the size of a mans package can be determined by the click now levitra philippines size and/or trendiness of his car.

Prius is the _most_ trendy car in america right now. Bar none.
Weight Matters
written by Carl, December 16, 2008
Just adding some gadgets to convert to alternative fuel doesn't solve the problems of limited energy supply or CO2 etc emissions. It would be more interesting to see a large SUV made of carbon fiber, reducing the weight. If everyone drove the cars made now there isn't enough land to grow biofuel, unless weight (and fuel consumption) is cut in half. A renewable fuel vehicle still has a large CO2 emission from the production of cheapest cialis pharmacy comparison the vehicle and creating the fuel.
1400 lb F450?
written by TommyP, December 18, 2008
No, the F450 does not weigh 1400 pounds, nor does it weigh 14,000 pounds. It weighs 9360 pounds (according to an Edmunds test drive of the 2008 model). That is not svelte but it can pull around 20,000 pounds of trailer so it is look there cialis profesional a workhorse truck.

I believe the 1400 might have referred to buying cialis without a prescription the horsepower, Mr. Goodwin is a genius at tweaking turbo- diesel engines to unreal amounts of power. Equipped as stock, the F450 produces about 350 horsepower so this is quite a feat. I don't think he is solving any problems, he is just a car guy having fun and showing Detroit that with a little thought, modern cars do not have to get 20 mpg - about what that F450 will get, on a good day.

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