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DEC 16

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"Great idea if we can make use of towers that do not kill the birds and..."

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Towers Could Be Urban Answer to Wind Turbines

Wind power has so far been relegated to areas off-shore and rural, but a Cleveland State University professor wants urban centers to how to get cialis be able to join in on the fun too. Dr. Majid Rashidi has designed a helical wind tower that can harness wind from atop city buildings.

The spiraling towers, outfitted with miniature turbines at each spire, are expected to have a power generation ratio of 4:1, which would power the buy cheap deal online viagra viagra tower itself as well as contribute power to businesses, hospitals, schools or residential buildings.

While turbines are still the most efficient technology for harnessing wind, these towers would allow wind power to be generated in places where large, open space isn't available and could help bring renewable energy to where large populations live. One of the major drawbacks of wind power has been the transfer of energy from rural areas to populated areas. These towers allow electricity to be generated onsite, which is usually far more efficient.

Dr. Rashidi stresses that the towers aren't a replacement for turbines, only a way to only here generic levitra usa complement them in urban settings.

via GoodCleanTech

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Urban Turbine Towers: Safe for birds?
written by Carol Shetler, December 16, 2008
Criticism of rural and offshore wind turbines is rising because they are killing birds. The article did not discuss whether this type of tower would be safer for birds; this is viagra from canadian pharmacy important due to large wild bird populations in many cities, especially if they are near lakes or oceans. I would be interested to know if the different design of the "urban turbines" is safer for the avian population.
Global Warming: Safe for birds?
written by John McCarter, December 16, 2008
Does the tramadol in veterinary medicine risk of these new urban designs have the potential to kill more birds than climate change caused by the fossil-fueled power generators they could replace? Probably not...
no more potential harm than a VAWT
written by Andrew Graceffa, December 17, 2008
my understanding is that these types of turbines are much less detrimental to bird populations since they can see them as a solid object. From what I gather, vertical axis turbines dont have the same bird problems as horizontal axis turbines as the birds can see them more easily. I would presume that its the same for this turbine as well. This reminds me of a turbine under development in Chicago:
Low Pressure Culprit
written by cook, December 26, 2008
I understand, the danger posed by rotating blades and the mortality of bats, as studied in Alberta's Pincher Creek turbine farm, is caused not by the blades themselves, but by invisible pockets of extreme low pressure. The bats fly into these pockets and are killed by the abrupt change of pressure, that effectively turns their lungs inside out. The same, I suppose, would apply to birds encountering these pockets.
written by Richard Davine, December 27, 2008
Great idea!
With solar windows and rooftops like this we can radically reduce the base load power dependency of cities on coal and gas.
Wildlife should always be a concern with all human endeavors however with the natural viagra for men wind turbine debate; it sounds like a coal funded think tank posing as animal welfare advocates. Just my opinion as an environmental and fda approved viagra paypal animal welfare fundraiser and activist.
Birds and hot air
written by Ron DeMattio, January 01, 2009
Regarding this design. I'm no sure if much actual research has been done, but he does posit a good idea. Not everything has to be done on a major scale. Augmenting large solar and wind farms with good smaller systems is overall a healthy view. If a building or farm doesn't need to tap into the viagra best buy muncipal teat as much, then there's that much less stress on the system.

When talking about bird kills by wind turbines, think and do your research first. Just spreading hearsay as fact serves no one except the established big power/thermal industries - coal and nuclear. Small numbers of birds are killed by windfarms. Too many people use info that's 40 years old (Altamont wind) Many more are killed by stationary buildings, cats, cars and trucks,and changes to their habitat from climate change, acid rain and other pollutants from coal plants, mountain top removal mining, and the building of buy cheap online viagra huge power plants. Many more fish are killed by acid rain, intake and top viagra online sales returns of massive amounts of water needed for thermal based power plants. Where are the people complaining about fish kills?
Also to "Cook"- You're semi-right about bats and low pressure areas following the blades-it doesn't turn the lungs inside out, it causes hemmhoraging of the small vessels in their lungs. They are mammals. But 1- the numbers are still small and 2- try not to follow up an attempt at truth with pure conjecture about birds- this is what the Anti-wind NIMBY groups do-make false, unfounded claims, then repeat them and blow them up as they trade them like gossip. The same effect does not apply to birds. They are built differently and seem to adapt to the presence of the turbines well.
I have read many articles and posts online where supposedly well intentioned writers blithely repeat claims of the BS distribution network and muddy the waters for people who are curious or even apprehensive. I personally think, that if we can stop being small minded and generic viagra soft tabs drinking the "clean-coal" Koolaid, we can start working on canadian cialis scam energy efficiency; develop wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, lower impact hydroelectric, better transportation alternatives and more to create a cleaner, vibrant world.
Chairman - EMerge Alliance
written by Brian T. Patterson, January 06, 2009
The EMerge Alliance - An open industry association
promoting the rapid adoption of safe, low voltage DC power distribution and use in commercial building interiors - supports the effort to make locally generated DC power practical for use in commercial buildings. We are currently creating a standard that embraces this trend toward using on-site alternative energy, by providing a means of cialis info direct and more efficient connection between these new energy sources and interior electrical loads, like lighting and controls. The standard provides for the direct distribution of safe (class 2), low voltage 24VDC throughout the occupied building interior. This approach can add an additional 10-30% efficiency in the use of this locally generated power by eliminating the soft levitra need to invert the generated DC to AC, just to have it later converted back to DC for use in devices. This provides sustainability-minded building owners on the leading edge of power technologies with a faster return on their investment in clean energy.
Our Alliance membership is broad-based in nature, comprised of entities such as architects, interior designers, consultants, engineering firms, government and code groups, academic and industry groups, product manufacturers, and building owners. For more information, or to find out how your organization can join the Alliance, please visit
Re: Chairman - EMerge Alliance
written by Bill Witt, January 20, 2009
I'm all for local DC distribution, but its going to take quite some time for common electrical devices to start accepting 24V (although it can be easily realized). Also, the read should know that with the same size wiring, a 24V system would only be able to carry approximately 25% of the power that the same wire at say 120V would safely carry.

We definetly need to start building a few of these prototypes and test them in operation, though.
Towers Could Be Urban Answer to Wind Tur
written by Murray, May 21, 2009
Great idea if we can make use of towers that do not kill the birds and sit on building tops, combined with solar panels. Also, rooftop gardens can be used for heat reduction. Here in Japan this is going into effect on government buildings but also residential where children can be encouraged to levitra gel grow vegetables etc in their own private garden space. City kids growing up in apartments do cialis profesional not normally have such a chance. Quite clever I think if it is all combined.

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