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DEC 17

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"This sounds great but what do the only now brand levitra people in California and cialis cheapest Nevada have..."

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Transparent Solar Windows

Solar PV developers have been spending more time on aesthetics recently. They've created solar roof tiles that blend in with a building's roof and now RSi Solar has announced that they've designed transparent solar windows.

The photovoltaic windows generate 80 - 250 watts each, depending on the size. What is more impressive are the extra features the windows contain. Besides harnessing the sun's energy, they reduce heat, which reduces cooling costs and they provide a 100 percent reduction in UV and infrared radiation. They can be customized to include bulletproofing or to meet specific weather or climate needs.

The company claims this new design could result in energy savings of 50 percent based on a recent case study. The company is also working on smart home features like an electrical privacy curtain and the ability for the window to transform into a light panel.

These windows almost seem too good to cheap quality levitra be true and I can't wait to see them in action. RSi already has plans to install them in buildings in Las Vegas and Hollywood. Hopefully the where can i buy real levitra technology will trickle down to more everyday buildings soon.

via Treehugger

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re: how will it effect day light
written by Anna, December 17, 2008
I wonder if you can see through them and how it will impact daylighting (ie the need to use lights during the day.) Anna
Old tech revisited... and about time too
written by Dave, December 18, 2008
They had a demo of these several years ago near where I live in Australia. Unfortunately, the demo went bad when the solar panels melted. Even more unfortunately, the investors pulled all funding for the project when the demo went bad and usefull link cheapest generic cialis it has taken this long for someone to realise it was actually a good idea all along - all it needed was a little more research into how to viagra online switzerland make panels that didn't melt.
Wonder if They Give Credit to Robert Hei
written by Brian Drake, December 18, 2008
In one of his short stories ("Let There Be Light"), Robert Heinlein has his characters invent the "Douglas-Martin sunscreen" which works almost identical to the panels RSi has invented. The characters wind up making the technology open source because of vested interests trying to suppress it.
written by Clinch, December 18, 2008
Needs more information!
Is the announcement that they are just beginning work on solar windows, or is production beginning also?
What wavelengths do the windows absorb? (if they just absorb visible light, then there's going to be a large reduction of click now buy levitra without prescription sunlight coming in, and [as Anna pointed out] light will need to be used, but if it absorbs [rather than jut blocking] IR and UV, they can generate electricity, without effecting light quality.
And how economic are they? Is the solar-active material disbursed through the buy real viagra online without prescription glass (making it expensive), or is the glass refractive-dye coated, so solar panels only need to surround the edges of the glass (significantly reducing costs)?

written by Tom, December 18, 2008
@Dave - wow, pretty interesting that the panels melted during a demo. What was their explanation?

I agree this is a great idea. Hopefully this will be a common product in the marketplace soon.
a load?
written by daniel, December 18, 2008
I spoke with my friend who's an electrical engineer in Switzerland. He fabricates solar panels for a living and did his thesis work on translucent panels. He called BS on this one.

I went to their website and its only an invitation to have drinks with them and give them money. Doesn't seem very scientific to best levitra price me.
Reduced 100%?
written by Wandering, December 19, 2008
If you reduce anything by 100%, you have eliminated it entirely. It no longer exists. Any other result is less than 100% reduction. If their product is no based on math like this, it would be wise to avoid it entirely. That is reduce it 100%.
written by FINALLY!, December 19, 2008
I'm glad someone finally came up with a way to do that.
Power Savings X 2
written by Uncle B, December 19, 2008
With locally generated power there is no transmission loss! This counts big in more remote areas from power sources! Because Power companies have always developed on buy viagra cialis levitra big scale, we have become wasteful in our usage of electricity! Advent of MOSFET, CMOS and LED technologies will be much appreciated once we get a better power distribution system than current 120 v ac 60 Hz horse shit 1800's crap! We are about to evolve, government subsidies in the status quo notwithstanding. Science and technology have great leaps to take and the (GRD) great republican depression will be the motor behind them! Proper and economically wise energy manipulation when erecting large buildings pays! Even windmills, with new super-magnet generators can show profit against highly unionized, status quo promoting, local utilities! Solar cell windows will be a welcome addition to the enterprising contractors set of cost reducing built in features for his buildings.
Awesome stuff!!
written by Farhan Rehman, December 22, 2008
This is just excellent!! It's certainly going to make a huge difference, going forward, when it's possible to generate electricity locally. The knock on effect, of course, will be that each large tall office building can suddenly double as a "power plant", if it generates excess electricity smilies/wink.gif
I had heard a rumor. . .
written by Sally G, January 03, 2009
. . . and I;m glad to look here online order viagra see that it was true. This is an awesome idea. My parents' 1950s home has BIG south-facing windows that have been providing passive solar energy before there was even such a term, and to be able to have them generate energy as well would be icing on the cake. we've always loved the link for you cialis to order windows, and installed second interior panels for insulation, unlike so many neighbors who simply closed them up, and now the payoff is even greater. I love it!
Chairman - EMerge Allaince
written by Brian T. Patterson, January 06, 2009
THe EMerge Alliance - An open industry association
promoting the rapid adoption of safe, low voltage DC power distribution and use in commercial building interiors - supports the effort to make locally generated DC power practical for use in commercial buildings. We are currently creating a standard that embraces this trend toward using on-site alternative energy, by providing a means of direct and only here woman and cialis more efficient connection between these new energy sources and interior electrical loads, like lighting and controls. The standard provides for the direct distribution of viagra online shop uk safe (class 2), low voltage 24VDC throughout the occupied building interior. This approach can add an additional 10-30% efficiency in the use of this locally generated power by eliminating the need to invert the generated DC to AC, just to have it later converted back to DC for use in devices. This provides sustainability-minded building owners on the leading edge of power technologies with a faster return on their investment in clean energy.
Our Alliance membership is generic cialis in stock broad-based in nature, comprised of entities such as architects, interior designers, consultants, engineering firms, government and code groups, academic and industry groups, product manufacturers, and building owners. For more information, or to find out how your organization can join the where to get levitra Alliance, please visit
written by DANIEL FROMHOFF, January 11, 2009
written by Kristina Croniser, December 10, 2013
This sounds great but what do the people in California and Nevada have to say about it?

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