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"I believe the idea would really work especially on reducing environmen..."

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Google Building Hybrid Engine?

The philanthropic arm of Google,, has started a project to create an inexpensive retrofit kit that will turn any car into an ethanol / electric hybrid. is click here viagra online us a very odd charity.  It's not for profit, but it's also not a non-profit. can, and will, capitalize on the fruits of their labors. The trade off is that Google doesn't get to write off any taxes.  

On the whole, it allows Google greater freedom and cialis wholesale prices secrecy, the can recruit money from venture capitalists, and capitalize when their projects gain.  Really, it's a very strange way for a charity to set up.  Obviously making money isn't the most important thing, but you can tell that they certainly wouldn't mind. 

The retrofit kit aims to reduce global warming by providing an inexpensive way to convert your average 20-30 mpg gasoline car to a 100+ mpg gasoline / ethanol / electric hybrid.  This isn't something I really expected from Google, but they have my permission.
Via TreeHugger and NYTimes 
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Quite good
written by Catalytic Converters, November 15, 2007
I believe the idea would really work especially on reducing environment pollutants if Google will support its endeavors and fund a little..
Thanks! smilies/wink.gif

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