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DEC 29

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"I wonder how much energy mister "I am an adult" wastes watching sports..."

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$1B Per Year Wasted by PS3s and XBoxes

Chances are you live in one of i use it levitra endurance the 40 per cent of American households that owns at least one video game console. The Wii, XBox 360and Playstation3 all consume vastly different amounts of power but, all together, gaming consoles eat up enough energy to we use it discount cialis india power the city of San Diego. We've got nothing against gaming, of course, but we think, maybe, we could do it a bit more efficiently.

{digg}{/digg}So does the Natural Resources Defense Council. They (and Ecos Consulting) have just conducted the first ever major study on how much energy is consumed by video game consoles. The results are mind-boggling. Each year, 16 billion kilowatt-hours are eaten up by video games. Of course, it's totally worth it, since, without them, we'd be actually out there flying fighter jets and driving at 103 miles per hour through the streets of Paradise it's a good thing we have video games to divert us...right?

The XBox consumes an average of 119 watts in active mode and the generic cialis free viagra PS3 averages 150 watts. The Nintendo Wii, by comparison, which focuses less on high-end graphics, uses an average of just 16 watts in active mode. Obviously, if you have a Wii and an XBox, you should get Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii, the gameplay will be identical. But if you want to play Gears of War 2 well...then your Wii isn't going to be much help.
So there's no reason to chuck out the PS3 and XBox. There are user-friendly power management features that the researchers calculate could save 11 billion kilowatt-hours of just try! best viagra prices electricity each year. Those simple changes would cut the electricity bill in the U.S. by more than $1 billion annually and eliminate the emission of more than 7 million tons of carbon dioxide.

The good news is there are simple ways to make the it's cool usa generic viagra consoles more energy efficient. The study authors calculated that about half of all gamers leave their device on low cost viagra fast when they're finished. Both the XBox and the PS3 have a power-down option built in. But for both devices, the feature is disabled by default. Sony seems to be aware of the problem and in October introduced an online update to viagra generic brand manage power in downtime. The NRDC website has instructions for XBox 360 and Sony PlayStation users on how to switch to power saving mode, there's really no reason not to. So, if you're an EcoGeek, go ahead and do it now.

Or, even better, plug your whole entertainment system into a power strip and alternatives to cialis turn it off at the source when you're done, that's what we do at EcoGeek HQ!


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slaves to your own created god
written by wiiiiiiiiiiii, December 29, 2008
Your God's demands are pretty harsh.Penance costs,do you really want to bear a penalty for a make believe sin.Why do you beg for your own slavery???
What if that power comes from solar
written by bobbobberson, December 29, 2008
I have neither an Xbox, Wii or PS3, but it seems strange to not have the power saving mode the factory installed default. I have a laptop and that sucker has a power-management icon for me to change quickly and easily.

If the power is all renewable then who gives a crap? If I'm in the PacNW and most of my power comes from hydro its not a terrible harm to the environment to leave my xbox running. Also if I make the power I can do viagra alternative natural what I wish with it.
written by Clinch, December 29, 2008
Just having a guide of how to switch to power-saving mode isn't going to help at all.
If people are energy conscious, they will have already switched to energy saving mode, or turn off the plug when they've finished, if they don't care about energy, then will just continue to do what they are already doing.
The only things that will work, are either having energy-saving mode on by default (or via a patch), or having an incentive to be green (e.g. on the use for medicines meloxicam and tramadol X360, get an achievement from switching to power-saving mode)
They Consume Energy AND Kill People
written by J. Richardson, December 29, 2008
Since we are on the subject, it's worth tossing in my two cents about another looming problem with Xboxes and PS3s. Both pieces of only here what is the cost of levitra equipment, along with iPhones, other cell phones and myriad other electronic devices contain capacitors made with Tantalum.

So what, you say?

Well, Tantalum is a metal that is largely exported from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The source material is called Coltan and it is viagra australia easily minable. The DRC has 80% of the world's Coltan reserves.

If you haven't paid attention to the situation in the DRC, 4 million people have died in the region since 1998 due to buy cialis online canadian phamacy conflicts largely funded by diamonds and, more importantly, Coltan. If you've ever watched Hotel Rwanda or Blood Diamond, you get the picture.

So what do you do?

Make noise. Specifically, talk about this problem. Companies like Nintendo and Sony only respond to consumer pressure. Capacitors are a small part of every unit but when combined, add up quickly. The largest operating mine is located in western Australia but it has shut down because suppliers are buying from the DRC.

See:Global Investment Watch for more details.
written by John Bancroft, December 29, 2008
written by sidereal, December 29, 2008
Obviously, if you have a Wii and an XBox, you should get Lego Indiana Jones for the Wii, the gameplay will be identical.

The graphics, however, will not. Especially if you have an HD TV, which the Wii won't take advantage of.
all powered by clean coal
written by jack, December 29, 2008
All powered by clean coal:
Need Labelling
written by Carl, December 29, 2008
If all electronics were required to have EnergyGuide labels, then people would realize these video games were really expensive and lowest price generic viagra wasteful, so manufacturers would quickly fix it. There is no technical reason why a video game needs to burn 150W doing nothing. TVs also need a standby like monitors to turn off the backlight. It would cost almost nothing and save as much as installing an expensive solar panel.
written by M. Dunn JR, December 29, 2008

So does this mean you don't have a gaming system because of your age, or because you are to mature? You seem to feel VERY strongly about video games and their connection to non prescription type cialis age and or maturity. I would have you know not only am I an adult and father to 3 great children, but my father at the age of 59 plays games, TO AID IN KEEPING HIS MIND SHARP! Not to mention video games in recent years have been found to assist in helping patients in forms of recovery and eye/hand coordination. In addition the videogame industry grossed more than Hollywood for several years now. If you choose not to spend your free time in this fashion good for you but don't equate someones choice for leisure time pleasure to being immature.
written by Vinylstar, December 30, 2008

Most gaming consoles use conductive polymer caps...not tantulums.
Tantalums etc...
written by hyperspaced, December 30, 2008
Even if they did use it, should we stop the technological progress because some people in the producing country abuse their fellow citizens? (which they would do anyway). We should be helping these counties effectively not stop buying PS3's !!!!

Another thing: I have a PS3. It is easy to turn on just by pressing a button on the remote control. Boot time is around 15 seconds. On standby (no game is playing, just watching the XMB menu bar) it requires around 140W (!!!!). This is absurd!!! They released a "power savings" feature. Here comes the click here purchase cialis in canada fun part: The minimum amount of inactivity for the power save to discount levitra be triggered is ...1 hour!! That means if i forget the damn thing on it will be A FULL HOUR draining power before it automatically turns off!!! Great !! Of course there are options like 5 hours!! What are these guys thinking ?
Watts Up shows they use more power than
written by alfa katzz, December 30, 2008
in this article. XBox 360 is more like 180 watts in active mode, 157 watts at idle, PS3 190 wattts in play, 177 watts at idle, Wii is non prescription viagra about right. Standby loss is about Wii 1.3 Watts, XBox 360 3 Watts and PS3 2 watts. A Smart Strip is handy for turning things off that are left on, if you haven't bothered to set them up in power down mode.
Who are these people?
written by Brandon, December 30, 2008
I'm curious as to who these people are that are leaving their XBox 360 and PS3 on all the time. I think they're just retarded. If its because they are downloading something I believe the 360 has a "Power Off When Download Completes" option or something, not sure about PS3.
Real power wasters
written by methos65021, January 07, 2009
I wonder how much energy mister "I am an adult" wastes watching sports every week. I bet he does watch sports, which means that he supports the wasteful lifestyle lead by most players.

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