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Stealthy Startup EEStor Working on Soldier Supersuit

We knew that super-secretive, somewhat-sketchy start-up EEStor was working with Lockheed Martin on SOMETHING. And, yes, that was exciting, since Lockheed doesn't generally work with companies who's technology doesn't work. But now we actually know what they're working on (thanks to the sleuthing of the folks at And all of this comes just days after EEStor secured the first patent for its technology.

EEStor, which promises a new kind of energy storage device ten times lighter than lithium-ion batteries looks to cialis samples be talking to Lockheed about developing a power source for a wearable computer / body armor for U.S. soldiers. The EEStor unit will actually be a thin layer that surrounds the entire garment, with a thickness between 0.5 and 2 centimeters. Frankly, I really hope these go on sale at the GAP in the next couple years.

While the patent refers to a lithium polymer battery and a fuel cell, it also specifically mentions EEStor and refers to the power storage unit using EEStor's nomenclature the "electrical energy storage unit."

It isn't really 100% environmental technology in this current application, of course. But if it works in a soldier's body armor, then it'll work in electric vehicles too. Let's hope, for the G.I. Joes and the EcoGeeks, that it does work.

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Interesting development
written by Scott Burton, January 07, 2009
In the Middle East heat every pound less to carry counts.
written by Fred, July 16, 2009
looks a little bit easier

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