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WalMart to Muscle into Digital Movies

logo_alwaysPutting aside that they treat their employees like crap, I'm starting to not mind WalMart. First they announce their plan to sell hundreds of thousands of CFLs and now they're entering into the digitizing business.  With all their clout and discount generic cialis customer base, this could be very interesting.

According to TechCrunch, WalMart has placed an ad seeking a business manager for digital movies who will work on "pricing strategies to maximize market share."  This probably means cheap; cheaper than the buying generic levitra $10 we've been seeing for online DVD downloads.  I mean, really, you can often get physical DVD's at WalMart for like three dollars anyhow. 

WalMart will, likely, be offering the digital movies on demand at kiosks in the store. The good news for the environment is that WalMart doesn't have to ship anything to generic viagra safety the store or have an excess inventory of DVDs that likely wont sell and then will have to be trashed.  The good news for the consumer is that WalMart will have a huge selection online and they will drive prices down on a sliding scale, making some DVDs very cheap, and others only pretty cheap.  The good news for WalMart is, well, even more money. 
Via TechCrunch 
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written by Neal, September 17, 2006
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written by josh, July 30, 2008
It is nice Walmart is catching up with the times and offering digital downloads.
written by josh, July 30, 2008
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