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DEC 30

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230 mph, 8-Wheeled Electric Car May be On Sale Soon

If the Tesla Roadster just isn't enough for you...not fast enough, not weird enough, and not expensive enough, then you should probably start looking out for Eliica's. Just two of these Japanese peculio-mobiles currently exist, but the Eliica team is we like it viagra generic looking to get corporate sponsorship to produce 200 of them.

{digg}{/digg}And, if they get that sponsorship, you'll be able to viagra 30 mg pick one up for the low, low price of $255,000.

Now, I know what you're thinking...why eight wheels? Well, very simply, so it can go faster. Traditionally, more rolling resistance would be a bad thing, but not if each of the wheels has its own 60 KW electric motor.

The goal of the team building the car at Keio University is to beat the usefull link levitra costs world EV speed record, currently set at 400 mph.

Via EVWorld and AutoBlogGreen

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written by Clinch, December 30, 2008
I still think 4 wheels are better than 8 (and you could get the same overall power with half as many 120kw motors, as you have 60kw motors).

And with most things, more moving parts (i.e. the extra wheels, and all the extra parts to connect, and steer them, and such) mean it's more likely to have problems, and more difficult to repair.

I also think it's pointless to make production cars have such high speeds, if you never actually need speeds that high.
A Novel Concept (Car)
written by Jesse, December 30, 2008
I am all for pushing the boundaries of innovation as Tesla and Eliica are doing. But when the need for new modes of levitra lowest price transportation are so dire and the market is so wide-open for something new, why do the companies with this technology insist on building elaborate cars that people cannot afford?

What's so hard about putting a plug-in hybrid drive system into a lightweight carbon-fiber frame? Affordable. Safe. And instantly adoptable by the look here buy viagra online without prescription masses.

Am I wrong?
written by El-D, December 30, 2008
wow, just what i (and the earth) needed. an unnecessarily fast 8-wheeled car is not much different than unnecessarily big SUV, whether electric or not. this is the dumbest thing i've seen on ecogeek in a while, which is saying something.
written by EV, December 30, 2008
What's so hard about putting a plug-in hybrid drive system into a lightweight carbon-fiber frame? Affordable. Safe. And instantly adoptable by the masses.

The fact that they generally cost well above $25,000. In other words, a lot more than 'the masses' can afford.
Thunderbirds are go!
written by Max Winston, December 30, 2008
Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward in the Thunderbirds TV show had a vehicle called the FAB1 that looked like the Eliica. The FAB1 was pink and had 6 wheels.
written by haichen, December 30, 2008
very ugly and I think it's photoshop.
Bad post
written by Orfintain, December 31, 2008
Ok, I get that you save some weight by not having a power distribution system I could see having six wheels but having a front steering rack for four wheels seems like a waste of parts design time and an accident waiting to buy female viagra happen. Not to mention there is nothing eco about a race car. If it actually does set the speed record it would be noteworthy. This was a funny post.
bad technology
written by Spanky, January 06, 2009
Hey Hank, I am not so crazy about this kind of post on this kind of website. That car is the furthest thing we need in terms of personal transport. Not that any personal transport that relies on external power sources is generic viagra uk online pharmacy any good. HPVs are the best, after that are EVs that are reasonably designed and reasonably priced. But then mass transit is better then any non HPV personal transport.
Master of the simple solution
written by Carsaregreat, January 07, 2009
OK I see that we are getting into fantasy land here. Well why not.

Here is my simple solution.

Simply rip out the petrol engine and cialis fast delivery usa heavy transmission and silencer

Put in a straightforward electric engine

Low cost no emissions no environmental problems and everyone would want it from executives down the little old me.

Cost oh about £4500

Here is the reason why not

No one makes any money That is the simple reason no one will make electric cars.

Have a Happy New Year everyone.

written by Richard Davine, January 07, 2009
Not every one is an Eco Geek. This car could inspire rev heads. Monster Trucks have no practical applications, but people love em.
Race car technology has shaped consumer cars, this is no different.
I don't want one, but I'm glad some freak is out there making them. Innovative projects like this assist the evolution of EV's. How can that be a bad thing?
Love your work Hank.
Nice toy!
written by Ray Fontanes, January 08, 2009
Too bad so much effort went into something like this while the rest of the nation goes to hell in a hand basket. Next project for them will be a faster plane with an onboard nuke plant with 8 wings.
Could be the Future of female viagra Formula Racing
written by Ray Kabigting, January 12, 2009
The speed and wheel configuration would enable this car to be stripped of its body and converted to a formula racing vehicle. Years ago, they had a formula racing car with 4 rear wheels in tandem. I just can't recall the name but I have admired it for its innovation. Imagine this would be the first all electric hi-performance racing vehicle. The body style with its roof line and profile reminds me of an upscale model of a French made CITROEN.
written by Lee Colors, December 13, 2013
Any updates on a release date. I would like to see one drive on the roads near me. It would be better if i was behind the wheel but that depends on price and recharge options.

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