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DEC 31

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"I can say aloud that I am really tired and female uk viagra sick hearing people talk a..."

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California Implements Global Warming Rating for Cars

California is now making car buyers even more aware of how their car affects the environment in 2009. All new car models will bear an Environmental Performance sticker that rates the car based on smog and global warming emissions.

California cars have carried the smog rating since 1998, but the new global warming rating is part of a bill that was signed into law in 2005. With both ratings, the higher the score on a scale of 1 to 10, the more environmentally friendly the car.

The global warming rating is based on the best way to take cialis amount of greenhouse gas emissions per mile. A score of 1 equals 520 CO2 grams per mile while a score of 10 equals less than 200 CO2 grams per mile. The emission calculations include production and distribution of the fuel used in the car.

For those of cheap levitra us outside of California, the smog scores are available at with the global warming scores to be added. Hybrids and electrics, as would be assumed, are the top scoring vehicles listed.

Having information like this listed right on a product will definitely make a difference in how consumers purchase cars. Making these scores readily available makes it impossible for consumers to make an uninformed decision.

via Earth2Tech

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Only half the picture
written by Clinch, December 31, 2008
You can only really tell how bad a car is for the environment if you take everything in to account, not just the how much does levitra cost in-use pollution, but also the vehicle's lifetime, and pollution from production.
re; only half the picture
written by Blake, January 05, 2009
The main CO2 emissions come from the actual driving of the vehicle - around 80-85%. Actual production accounts for 10% roughly, and disposal 5%.
This new labeling law for California is brilliant. We need more information that clearly educates drivers about the differences between new vehicles and their effect on cialis tablets for sale the environment.
Enviromental Expert
written by Haywood Jabloemy, September 27, 2010
This "Global Warming Rating" is just the first step leading to buy cialis overnight a very slippery slope. Soon after the public accepts this tripe there will be a wealth re-distibution fee attached to it.
written by Yeah Right...., October 11, 2010
I think we will buy 2nd F250 with a V-10 and totally pollute the earth. Hahaaha... Oh!!! Maybe a Hummer!!!! Yay!!!
I hate reading about politics
written by dish rack, October 27, 2010
I can say aloud that I am really tired and sick hearing people talk about politics these days. they're all no different are they not?

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