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JAN 06

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Why Automatic Parking is (Accidentally) Green

One of the new innovations Ford is introducing in many of its vehicles is herbal levitra an automatic parking feature. Ford's Active Park Assist (YouTube Video) lets drivers "parallel park with the touch of a button and without ever touching the steering wheel."

Although at first this seems like needless gimmickry, there is an actual green benefit associated with the adoption of this technology in Ford vehicles. To have a computer controlled system like this, you need to use electric motors for steering control instead of having a hydraulic system. And that's where the savings come in. A hydraulic system needs to be pressurized in order to function. In most cars, one of those fan belts under the hood runs a pump that operates the power steering system, and that system is a drag on engine efficiency.

With electric motors instead of hydraulics, the steering system does not impose a consistent load on the engine, and Ford reports that this can lead to as much as a 5% improvement in engine efficiency. The electric power assisted steering system is being debuted in this year's Lincoln MKS and MKT, and is expected to only here viagra soft tabs 100 mg be in nearly 90 percent of all Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles by 2012.

I'll continue to do my own parallel parking, but I appreciate the wow)) lowest priced cialis improvement this represents. This is the kind of indian generic viagra thing that needs to go along with the big technology leaps to improve vehicle efficiency. It's the automobile equivalent of finding an electronics power vampire and putting it on a power strip. It helps things run a bit more efficiently, and it adds a feature for those who need it.

Via Ford PR (of course)

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Not to mention...
written by Tom Konrad, January 07, 2009
Not to mention not driving around in circles for 15 minutes because you're not certain you can get into the one tight spot you see on your own. I was never good at parallel parking, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has passed up a spot I could have gotten into with a little computer assistance.
Quicker Parking
written by Jim, January 07, 2009
I'll take Tom's driving around looking for a spot and raise him efficiently parking. Most people cannot quickly parallel park a car, even in a spot 2 cars lengths long. They go back and forth, pulling in and out until they get it just right, using more gas than necessary. These systems should reduce the amount of time it takes to park.

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