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JAN 06

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"If it's a plug in hybrid SUV that you could charge from solar panels o..."

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Got a Million Dollars? Have a Complimentary Hybrid!

I just thought this was kind of funny: A boutique finance firm in California called Solutions 4 Solar Finance (S4SF) is offering a free Lexus RX 400h hybrid SUV… with an investment of usa viagra $1 million. But it’s a $50,000 value! And they are promising an 8-13% return on investment!

Presumably, if one were to canadian pharmacy viagra legal invest one million dollars, the amount of money to be gained or lost would probably outweigh the value of the car. Still, the notion of receiving a “complementary” luxury SUV as a reward for investing in solar energy is amusing, to say the least.

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written by Emily, January 07, 2009
Invest in solar energy, get a gas guzzling, earth destroying SUV for free!
Not getting it
written by Rebecca, January 07, 2009
I'm sure that they got the SUV super cheap because the wow)) cialis buycialis onlin market as dropped so dramatically since the rise in gas prices...let's hope that the trend against buying SUVs continues because of concerns about the environment.
Complementary or complimentary?
written by Brent, January 07, 2009
Do you mean a car that suits you (i.e. matches your shoes) or one that's free?

written by TirzhaZ, January 07, 2009
This is akin to getting a bucket of candy and i recommend levitra 20mg a two-liter of coke for paying for a dental exam.
written by Jeremy, January 08, 2009
If it's a plug in hybrid SUV that you could charge from solar panels on your McMansion, then they might have a plan.....

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