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JAN 07

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"Part of what I love about DVDs is all the extra features you get. Unfo..."

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CES 2009: What's Green at LG

LG Electronics makes everything from phones to washing machines. This year at the Consumer Electronics Show they're winning some EcoGeek points by focusing on more than just the massiveness of their televisions.

In fact, LG is setting records with the efficiency of its flat-screen televisions (and not at all too soon). A new kind of we choice levitrabest levitra 32 inch TV uses more than 50% less power than the average 32 inch LCD TV. They've done it by increasing brightness through including a fourth white pixel along with the red, blue and viagra from mexico green. We're not sure what this is going to do for the contrast ratio, but frankly I don't care.

LG also touted it's next generation AMOLED and OLED displays. While LCD is obviously getting pretty efficient, the general consensus is that OLEDs will one day take over, and be even more efficient. LG offered up one of the largest OLED displays yet, a 15 inch laptop screen.

And for those of you who think that a reduction in the amount of material used, you can't get much smaller than LG's watch phone (I just had a vision of people ten years from now on their knees laughing at that statement., so, who knows.) The phone straps to your wrist and connects to a bluetooth you never need to be away from your phone again.

And while this might not seem that green at first, LG also is debuting a television that will automatically connect to Netflix and stream HD content. The advantage here, of course, is more than just being able to cancel your cable subscription. You also never need to drive to levitra best price the cialis cheap price movie store (or get the movied shipped to you.) In fact, there will be no need to create the physical DVD. Suddenly, streaming content is cheap viagra india looking a lot more realistic, and that's definitely a green proposition.

Via Seeking Alpha, Electronics Infoline, and CNet

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Green TVin it
written by jaynielsen, January 07, 2009
I like how this idea of netflix is blowing everybody away, when the apple tv has been out for over two years. I have had mine for almost a year now, and it's the best thing ever! Never having to deal with late fees or the ignorant BlockBuster employees, makes my life a lot better. Also i can watch HD movies with out having to use the term "Blue Ray" stupidest name ever!
More info on LG's 15" OLED
written by Ron Mertens, January 08, 2009
We've got some more info and photos of LG's new 15" OLED TV (or laptop screen). They actually plan to start producing it in June 2009 if they can find customers.

written by Sam Crutsinger, January 09, 2009
Part of what I love about DVDs is all the extra features you get. Unfortunately, last I looked, streaming from Netflix only gets you the movie without any DVD extras or alternate commentary. Streaming is definitely the buy levitra in europe way everything is moving, but it would be nice to have a more DVD experience without the physical media.

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