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JAN 07

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"One thing is for sure, the future will still contain blowhard, arrogan..."

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EcoBleak: Aptera Postpones Delivery 10 Months

Well, it was bound to happen...another round of bad news, and suddenly I feel like I'm writing a series on levitra china the deflation of viagra medication for erection clean technology.

Today we received reports that Aptera (which was supposed to begin delivering vehicles before the end of 2008) won't be delivering vehicles until October 2009. Aptera is blaming the best quality viagra delay, basically, on their own short-sightedness. They weren't prepared to deliver the sorts of things car buyers might that roll down...for example.

Slightly more disturbing is the request for those who have submitted their $500 refundable deposit to convert that to a non-refundable deposit. This will (according to them) let them gauge true demand for the vehicle better. It will also let them spend that money, which is currently being held in escrow.

They also, of course, cited the economic climate for their lack of ability to meet their goals more quickly, but that seems somewhat secondary to once daily cialis me. Aptera will be producing a few units for internal testing between now and buy fioricet October, but won't be letting any of them into buyers hands.

To me, October still seems like an ambitious goal, and I hope that Aptera's ambitious goals won't come back to bite them (in the form of skeptical buyers asking for their deposits back.)

Full email from Aptera is available below.

Via AutoBlogGreen

Dear Aptera Family Member,

By now you are likely aware that there are changes happening daily at Aptera. As one of our most loyal supporters and part of the early foundation of our future, we want to update you about some vital issues, including when your vehicle will be available.

Our most recent corporate commitment was that we would deliver the first production Typ-1, now known as the cheap viagra professional 2e, by the close of 2008. Despite our well-intentioned efforts, we were unable to complete that vehicle before the close of the year, so it's now slated for January 16. However, unlike prior plans, this vehicle will not be delivered to a retail customer. We will continue our builds but at a much slower rate starting with a small test fleet of the enhanced vehicles, then moving to our volume production launch on October 1, 2009.

For months we have been receiving important feedback from you, our depositor community, and we have come to realize there were flaws in our initial product assumptions -- specifically as it pertains to get viagra fast satisfying the needs of real-world consumers. Our greatest degree of learning came just a few months ago when we asked all of you to participate in a brief survey. This critical piece of research requested insights about your expectations for our company and our products, and we discovered a notable disconnect between our product plan and realistic expectations. Some modifications had to be made. For example, you helped us realize that some trade-offs for convenience (like being able to grab a burger in a drive-thru) might be necessary to make the ownership experience more palatable, even if it cost us a couple tenths of a point on our drag coefficient.

To navigate us through this process, we recruited a team of seasoned professionals from the automotive industry and the California tech sector. With a complete management team operating on one accord, we are now in a better position to resolve all of the fundamental product usage questions that have been brought to our attention by our initial depositors.

As we move closer to we choice rx generic cialis volume production in the face of this challenged economy, it becomes increasingly important for us to accurately forecast our first year's production volume. To date, we have tried to provide the greatest flexibility possible by maintaining all deposits as fully refundable, and now it has become equally important for Aptera to properly model our operations to meet demand. To address this issue, we have created a proposition, known as "Lock-in," to reward your commitment to this point and in the future. Lock-in allows you to voluntarily convert your deposit from refundable to a firm, non-refundable one and receive an addition $250 credit towards the canadian pharmacy cialis prescription purchase of your Aptera vehicle. In other words, we will give you an additional 50% return on your money for sticking with us and just try! viagra online usa taking the extra step.

The Lock-in program is completely voluntary and no depositor will be penalized for electing not to participate, but only those who opt into the program will be eligible for the additional credit. As always, your deposit money will remain in escrow until you move to transact the purchase of your vehicle, which is when any and all credits will be applied. Aptera is not, and has no intention of using your deposit money to fund the company. We are prudently trying to plan our volume and capacity to assure we do not introduce waste into our system that could lead us down the unenviable path of some of cheap cialis generic our industry predecessors. And who knows, maybe Wall Street will see us as a role model for offering these types of returns on investments.

To participate in the Lock-in program, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with your full name, reservation number and the simple message, "I would like to Lock-in". You will receive a confirmation email, and your name and reservation will be added to generic cialis from india the credit list. It is that simple.

Our combination of automotive industry experience paired with the wow look it how much is viagra pervasive "why-not" attitude of the California entrepreneurial set will continue to make Aptera more effective in every aspect of our business. Our new team is teaching us fresh ways to listen to you and translate your comments and low cost levitra needs into the product, so here's our pledge: "We will manufacture the most efficient vehicle on the road and continue to apply the input we receive from our consumer." As we fly in the face of this challenged economy and write a new page in transportation history, we simply can't afford to cut corners. We are going to do what it takes to get it right, and we cannot get there without your help and continued support. You have stood with us faithfully and we promise that our vehicles will be worth the wait.

We look forward to we use it canada viagra sharing our dream with you as Aptera introduces the world to the most energy efficient solution for personal mobility.

Thank you for your support,

The Aptera Team

Aptera Motors 2008

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This will never come out
written by al, January 07, 2009
This car will never see the light of day, and if it does about 30 will be made, tops.

Who is going to buy it, look at, people don't want cars that look odd, people want cars like they see everyday.

Everytime I hear about it I think its a spoof that I'm not in on.

Don't get me wrong electric is the future, but not like this.
written by Damo, January 07, 2009
Regarding the $500 deposit conversion, you say in your write-up: "It will also let them spend that money, which is currently being held in escrow.".

However, that's clearly not true from the email. Here's the relevant clause from Aptera's email: "As always, your deposit money will remain in escrow until you move to transact the purchase of your vehicle, which is when any and all credits will be applied. Aptera is not, and has no intention of using your deposit money to fund the company."

This car will put Detroit to shame.
written by Steven, January 08, 2009
The Aptera is something that Detroit could and should have done many years ago. Detroit is top heavy and their feet are stuck in the mud. Do nothing, negative, jealous, anti-innovation naysayers never make history. Should Boeing can the buy viagra online in uk 787 Dreamliner because of delays? The folks at Aptera are doing what is neccessary to get things right. I am not happy about the delay, but I locked-in my deposit (that will stay in escrow) within minutes of daily cialis cost getting the company e-mail regardless. I wish I had ordered two Apteras.
written by Bill Martin, January 08, 2009
I wonder how safe a car like this is upon impact. Specifically head on collisions. It just doesn't look like it could feasibly be safe. Is this car petrol powered only? If so it's MPG is astonishing which is def. a step in the right direction. Electric/Battery powered cars is, without question, a step backwards. Especially with the technology of Hydrogen as fuel becoming more and the best place purchase of cialis more probable.
is there an arrogant comment contest goi
written by Space, January 08, 2009
People pretending to see the future with certainty,
and writing "without question" in an unjustified statement,
and making completely uninformed statements based on the car's looks...
just... wow.
I'm starting to realize that some ecogeeks are just as dishonest, uninformed and arrogant as christian fundamentalists.
Which makes me wonder why they care about the environment. Is it only a trend?

( And no, hydrogen still isn't a fuel )
This sounds perrty familiar
written by Beaten, January 08, 2009
They're starting to sound just like Airbus & Boeing.
10 months isn't 10 years
written by Yura, January 09, 2009
Well, 10 months isn't 10 years. I'd be glad they didn't completely disappear.

After all, if you want the car, you might as well want a bit longer :)
written by Tomas, January 10, 2009
I think that people could save the nature by simply signing up to viagra overnite this link
written by Kate, February 06, 2009
Ignore Tomas and his ponzi scheme, please.
written by goran, February 07, 2009
I, for one, am disappointed with the addition of "drive-through" capability, at the cost of some tenths of a drag coefficient. Still, I'm hopeful that the Aptera will be the seed of change that will help our society to begin thinking differently about transportation. We don't need more hybrid SUVs. We need to change our expectations and behaviour.
10 months is nothing
written by Antonio, February 16, 2009
One thing is for sure, the future will still contain blowhard, arrogance and naysayers galore!

My deposit is staying, and if the final all-electric price is $30k or below, I'm driving away in one.

The future is composite, streamlined bodies; the Aptera is the best implementation of this so far and all others will be playing catch-up and trying to equal the utility, light-weight, range, features and female viagra pills comfort of this vehicle.
I thought it was dorky looking at first but it has overcome that by being innovative and starting from the ground-up and paying attention to details from the get-go; The design has grown on me month by month.
Yes, I think the back corners are too "sharp".
Yes, the wheels are possibly vulnerable to road-hazards.
That composite shell is incredibly strong by its very nature and form.

I'm in!


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