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JAN 08

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"I do agree that those big oil companies do everything just to buy levitra online without prescription make mon..."

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Exxon Putting $170 Million Towards Carbon Capture Technology

Exxon is not known for being a friend to the environment, but for the past couple of decades they have been researching and levitra injectable implementing carbon capture and storage technology. Now, they're investing $170 million towards furthering what they've already accomplished.

The oil company will spend $70 million on a project to capture six million metric tons of emissions per year at their La Barge, Wyo. natural gas plant, two million more tons than they are already capturing every year. Another $100 million will be spent testing new technologies for removing carbon from natural gas by 2010.

Now this doesn't make them heroes. They still do enough damage to negate the good and carbon capture and storage is still controversial, but this does put them way ahead of other companies who will be clamoring for the same technology if the new administration puts a price on carbon emissions. Also, they could spend more. This is Exxon. If they wanted to invest in capturing all of the cheap prescription levitra emissions they produce, they probably have the money to do it. But ultimately, if carbon capture and storage turns out to be truly viable, their research could end up helping in the fight against climate change.

via Earth2Tech

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written by Joe, January 09, 2009
Hank, you have got to take any story from this company with a planet sized grain of salt. They totally screwed the human victims of the spill and there is cialis 25mg still oil there! Please consider not covering any story that relates to the criminals at exxon, seriously they are about as close to manifest evil as you can get.
if it sells
written by Mark, January 09, 2009
Look at it from another point of view. If Exxon can make money from this, they will develop it. They can sell the technology to other oil companies and use it for themselves.

Exxon is doing this from a financial point of view helping the environment is a by product. Exxon don't give a crap about the environment it is a very backward thinking company, but if they think they can make some cash out of this project they will do viaga sales in canida it.
Environmental criminals!!
written by Anna, January 11, 2009
I do agree that those big oil companies do everything just to make money. They don’t care about environment or people. Look at Chevron and their clean energy ads. Laughable! They want us to believe they care, but actions speak louder than words! Chevron should start with cleaning up the mess in Ecuador where they dumped over 18 billion gallons of oil and toxic water into the streams. Drinking water is contaminated, people are dying of cancer and skin diseases, their lives are destroyed.
Here’s an interesting blog about the contamination:
There’s also a very good article that appeared a couple days ago on Bloomberg. You will want to read it:

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