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Fiber Optic Solar Lighting Roundup

solarlight1 Sunlight is cheapest cialis in uk the standard for lighting. It's what our eyes are adapted to, it's absolutely free, and it is the light we are most comfortable with. Inside buildings, we've gotten used to having artificial lighting, but spaces with daylight are always nicer.

A range of companies are now producing systems for capturing sunlight and transmitting it into the interior of a building with fiber optic cables, where it is used to illuminate spaces that cannot benefit from direct daylighting through windows. Today we feature three companies with fundamentally similar systems. Each uses a rooftop collector (though each has its own approach for this) to gather sunlight and a fiber optic cable bundle to carry the light into the building.

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bjorkIn Sweden, Parans connects their rooftop collector to the most stylish of the interior fixtures. The Bjork fixture is named for the birch tree, and the light it provides is likened to light filtering through birch leaves.

Sunlight Direct produces a Hybrid Solar Lighting system that pairs a fiber optic system with a fluorescent light fixture. A rooftop reflector concentrates enough light that one collector can supply light to eight luminaire fixtures. By monitoring the light being supplied, the system can maintain a constant light level when outdoor lighting conditions are changing.


solarlight4 In Japan, the Himawari uses an array of lenses to pfizer viagra cheepest prices concentrate the light onto the where to get cialis cheap fibers. Like the Sunlight Direct system, the Himawari system tracks the sun via on-board sensors in clear weather, or relies on an internal clock when the weather is overcast.

Himawari has units ranging in capacity from a small unit with a single terminal to their largest array which can serve 33 interior fixtures. The Himawari system uses ceiling mounted "lighting appliances" which look much like standard monopoint heads or conventional downlights.

All of these filter UV  and IR light before the light that is transmitted. This makes these systems ideal for use in art galleries and for applications where delicate and light and heat sensitive materials are present. These systems require a small amount of power in order to operate the tracking mechanism, but this is far lower than the power needed to provide a similar amount of electric illumination, even from high efficiency sources.

There are some drawbacks and limitations with these systems, however. The systems are generally constrained by the length of the fiber optic cable, which, at present, is roughly 45 feet (15m) from the collector. While the manufacturers don't directly discuss it in their literature, keeping the reflector or the enclosing bubble clean and clear would be vital for maintaining the light quality from these systems.


Nonetheless, these are all promising systems that are beginning to see some use. Sunlight Direct expects their HSL system will cost approximately $10,000 (US) in 2007, but as production increases, the cost for these systems should come down.

Despite their high installation costs, the lighting provided by these systems is almost free. Each one requires only a few watts of power for the sensors and the tracking motor that keeps it aligned with the sun, yet can provide illumination for as much as 1000 square feet.

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More Sustainable = Great! But 'more huma, Low-rated comment [Show]
written by Scott P, September 21, 2006
Yes...But buildings and lighting for buildings exist for humans...not for monkeys or caterpillars.

Making a light used by a human more agreeable to a human sounds like a pretty reasonable goal.
nothing new
written by karlman, September 21, 2006
I first saw a story on this approximately 10 years ago. It was on that TV show called "Beyond 2000" (now called "Beyond Tomorrow"). Too bad it hasn't become more widely used (and more affordable).
Great idea
written by SP, September 21, 2006
Yet another component of a perfect, sustainably high standard of living is c o d payment tramadol invented. Yes, everything does exist for us humans. Might makes right, in fact. However, it is in our interest to take care of our environment and viagra purchase to make it sustainable for ourselves and the creatures/plants we enjoy. The world has no meaning without thinking creatures to give it meaning, always remember that. The world exists for us and we are indeed more worthy to use it than less sentient creatures. Nonetheless, we have been very nearsighted in the past 100+ years but now small components are coming out which, if combined with eugenic policies and governments which have as a goal the perpetuation and preservation of desirable traits, we may yet survive and continue to thrive on this beautiful world.
Bad Attitude
written by AMS, September 23, 2006
@SP: I dont agree with your thinking an attitude there.
The whole world is an ecosystem as stated in one of the posts above. We; just like other creatures are part of of this ecosystem.
Also, since buildings and lights are for us humans, it would be appropriate to make things more human-centric. But one should no where this "human-centric" line is to be drawn.
written by marco, October 18, 2006
I think it's gorgeous! Pretty smart idea, especially if we think the energy save we can reach!
written by sneezy, November 07, 2006
this is very cool. i would like to know how much energy is lost in production of the fiber cables.
written by Jim Willoughby, December 26, 2006
Is there any product that I could put into a sail of a boat to canadian drugs cialis create some type of electrical energy
In a home?
written by Jason Nooner, February 07, 2007
I would love to build this in my home. It could reduce the light consumption alot more in the home that the cialis 100mg china office just because the try it natural cialis pills home is a smaller space. A few skylights and south facing windows and cialis england I'm confident no power lights would be needed to light the home other than on very overcast days. but I have less than 55 of thise a year here where I live.
No Title....
written by hendry, April 12, 2007
good......this is new inovation
use for indoor farming?
written by MH, April 29, 2007
I've seen several academic proposals for vertical indoor farming bouncing around, but while the advantages of such systems are obvious they all fail (in my eyes) to address how they will provide the appropriate wavelengths and levels of follow link real levitra without a prescription light to plants with roofs over them. Fiber optic solar transmission would be one solution. Does anyone know how many lumens can be captured and transmitted for a given system without loss to make this feasible? Plants need a lot of light after all.
Night Time
written by Anthony, May 14, 2007
What happens at night, is there standard lighting systems.
Night Time 2
written by Brian Holgate, December 21, 2007
I agree with Anthony. Why is it there is no mention of night lighing. Considering half the day is buy cialis online cheap spent as with no light. Hense the name night time. What happens then. Do I need another lighting system all together. I would like to not have to buy and install 2 seperate units!!
written by mohsen, January 06, 2008
i have 7 floors building.can i use the HSL system for all floors?homany collectores need for lighting of all floores?cost?
Fiber Optics Have Many of the Same Uses
written by Dmac, February 13, 2008
I own a Fiber optics website. I also install and keep up on the many uses of the fiber optic cable and lighting.
The fiber optic end light cable can be great for lighting. You can use one Light box to Light as Much as one large Office space less than a 100 x 100 feet.
There are also many other uses for these and Led Lights.
We are seeing many uses for the led lighting also I cam across this awesome sight
They use less watts per office space. Like 90% less energy per fixture or bulb. Big Upfront cost but no maintenance and viagra in mexico long bulb life help meter each other out.
My website is
written by margie altman, April 04, 2008
please have a sales person call me asap!!
Fiber Optic Cabling
written by sezer, April 12, 2008
Fiber Optic Cabling -Technical Support- Information Web Site - -
Himawari's light is FREE, with their Sol
written by Chris, September 16, 2008
Himawari has been around since the 70's, I've been trying to find these since I saw them on a tv show in the late 80's.

Anyway, some of the Himawari models are solar panel powered. So it actually costs nothing to use. smilies/grin.gif
where can I buy systems like that?
written by Per Hornbech, October 31, 2008
Hi everybody

I am engineer in a energy company, and I may have som money for cutting energy consumation in our offices. I would like to know where it is possible to wow look it buy canada in levitra buy a system like that.

written by too much overhead, December 13, 2008
All of these companies are offering systems that are crazy expensive and totally over-engineered. Not to mention that the only US venture's website portrays a start up that reeks of try it levitra sales uk managerial incompetence to rival GM. The idea is a simple one, and its most useful incarnation will certainly be stumbled upon if people are not afraid to experiment in the garages(think gates jobs wozniak) The key here is distributed engineering, not just distributed light production.
written by tom, January 15, 2009
is there any way to install for less 10.000.
retired telco manager / development mind
written by John E. Sears, February 11, 2009
I too am intrigued by the solar and fiber for the home lighting systems. Am currently piecing together a hopefully mild pricing scheme for a moderate home lighting and heating system. In the infant stages presently.
ceo / Director
written by g.ramamoorthy, February 18, 2009
We are chennai based INDIA solar power solutions and domestic solar power solutions providers, our
customer need to install FIBER OPTIC SOLAR LIGHTING
room size 15 X 17 kindly send details (its an office) you have any indian agent let me know his

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
'The Rock'
written by Dwayne Johnson, March 16, 2009
If ya smellllllllll-l-l-lll.........(cool eyebrow movements) what the Rock is cooking
Positive technology
written by JJ, May 20, 2009
The total entropy seems to be positive for this technology. However, the items needed for its success are: creative designs, innovation in materials and fabrication, cost effective manufacturing, and smart marketing. This is a feasible technology with a valid science, and that is something we do not see much often in these days of rat race to viagra next day delivery commercialization of non-viable technologies. For more entroplus thinking, please see
written by Derek, August 07, 2009
Open the blinds and save yourself 10 grand.
written by Jim Brewster, August 11, 2009
Please have your sale person email me.
written by Sayeed, August 28, 2009
Do you have any idea about the cost of the system. Is that worth using?
written by Thomas Allen Schmidt, February 15, 2010
"Anything that moves us more towards a sustainable way of life is a step in the right direction, particularly if it targets the retail industry and generic viagra online addresses a frightening trend of putting capitalism before the health of our planet and its inhabitants."

The samething could be said about Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency markets.

If it wasn't for the multitudes of uk suppliers generic viagra mindless minions and automatons willingly enslaving themselves to their masters, there would be no meaningful existance for human life on Earth.
So get down on your knees now and bow your heads low in reverence to your masters of this new world order; Commerce, Industry, Corperation, and Government. Or face the cialis to order consequences of being exiled into the wilderness to live like a wild beast.
(That is the threat isn't it?)

You all work for them, for the wages they say you will make and, you all buy their products for the prices they say you will pay. Simply because its not "just like" the more recent slavery of Africans by U.S. Americans that you all read about in highschool, doesn't automaticaly mean it does not exist.
In much the same way that the rusting of steel is a microscopic explosion in slow motion, so is the Endgame; Blueprint for Global Enslavement.
Welcome to the New World Order!

(Its not really "new." Its the same as it every was for humans on Earth. Its just being done with more creativity and subterfuge and, being given a new name as a result of all that.)
written by Glen Lincoln, April 23, 2010
How about running these fiber optics from the sunlit side of the Earth to the nighttime side, then we could have SUNLIGHT where ever and whenever we need it.
how do you turn off the light?
written by Chris, May 13, 2010
i think this idea is awesome but I have just one question. let's say you want to take a nap during the do you turn out the light?
Fiber Optics
written by Fiber Optic Video, July 07, 2010
I am engineer in a energy company, and I may have som money for cutting energy consumation in our offices. I would like to know where it is possible to buy a system like that.
Fiber Optic Fusion Splicer
written by Fusion Splicer, August 01, 2010
I've seen several academic proposals for vertical indoor farming fibre bouncing around, but while the optical advantages of such systems are obvious they all fail (in my eyes) to address how they will provide the appropriate wavelengths and levels of light to plants with roofs over them.
Use of canadian pharmacy viagra generic polarized plastics
written by Cory, April 15, 2011
The wavelengths could be easily controlled by polarized plastics much like sun glasses are used to protect the human eye.

Fiber optics are just high-tech plastic with a rubber housing that refract the generic propecia without prescription light down the tube. In theory the plastic could be modified to dose cialis allow only the specific wavelengths through that the plant's receptacle leaves require.
fiber optic transport
written by FIBER OPTIC TRANSPORT , September 06, 2012
I would like to know where it is possible to buy a system like that.
future market for the new resource deployment
written by ADSL, September 26, 2012
great idea and buy viagra where it will be the trend for the new resource deployment. but the most important is the cost. the cost to use new resource still much more higher now.
written by Bobby Lee (Blackwolf) Alloway , October 28, 2012
I'm looking for a small system to install in my new home. I'm on a fixed income and can't afford an expensive system not to mention I also have limited space. Can you or anyone recommend a system or give me some other options to decrease my dependence on fossil fuels & government controlled energy
General Manager and owner of SHM Industries Company
written by fathy abdelmaksoud, December 21, 2013
I am fuel storage tank manufacturer.
1-Could the Fibre Optic be safely used into a hazardous space like Gasoline tank?
2- If YES, Would you please send me your full products technical catalogue in English language. How to choose and calculate the tramadol order overnight illumination out of the Fibre?
Product Infomation
written by Delmar Gooentileke, March 07, 2014
Could you please let me know how to contact you to buy viagra us get more details about your product.

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