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Chevy Equinox: A 30 MPG SUV

Lets face it, a certain percentage of the population is always going to cialis without prescription brand name want bigger cars. And while this new family of "crossovers" is trying to take remove the stigma that SUVs have garnered, big families with lots of groceries are always going to want that space.

But the Chevy Equinox (a small SUV, by anyone's standards) gets better gas mileage than a lot of sedans, so I'm ready to give it my endorsement...but only if you really need an SUV. Delivering 30 mpg on the highway with a low price tag and generic pack cialis no hybrid drivetrain is pretty impressive.

So, yes, we can keep making engines more efficient, though I imagine it won't satisfy V8 lovers, it does provide an inexpensive option for American families. Now the questions is...when will they give us a hybrid option.

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