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JAN 12

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"Hybrids, all electric, or whatever; the problem is still the cost per ..."

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2010 Prius to Get 50 MPG, Solar Roof

Toyota just unveiled the third generation Toyota Prius, a car that has absolutely revolutionized the online propecia prescription industry and what it means to be environmentally conscious in a car-centric world.

It's easy to say that this third generation car isn't as big of an advancement as the last two were. But I'm actually going to say that I'm pretty dang impressed.

The car is bigger, more spacious, has better acceleration and actually improves mileage number significantly. This new Prius is the most efficient production car in America OF ANY SIZE. If Honda was still making the original Insight, yes, that would beat it, but the 2010 Prius truly will be the most advanced and most efficient car on the road.

New to look there levitra in australia for sale the viagra mexico car, aside from all of generic levitra mexico the various innovations that made it's tremendous mileage numbers possible, is a solar sun roof, which will keep the vehicle cool on hot days, eliminating the need for huge bursts of AC, and thus strain on the battery.

The car will also have three selectable driving modes. EV, which will keep the car running on pure electricity (of course, only to low speeds,) ECON which will make sure that the Prius saves the maximum amount of energy while driving normally and POWER which will turn your Prius into a 1969 muscle car! OK...well, not exactly. It'll just keep the car as responsive as possible without much of an eye toward efficiency.

I'll have more pictures and a video of the launch up shortly. But for now, bask in the glow of the culmination of the hybrid electric vehicle. This is the pinnacle, now all that's left is moving closer to pure electric cars.

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written by camarco, January 13, 2009
I like the click here get cialis idea of visit our site viagra and diarrhea the EV mode. This will help many people get used to the advantages of an EV: a silent car that can easily be tanked at home. (allthou I miss the plug-in part here...) .
A lot of people out there have actually never tried it out and the Prius will give them a slight feeling of what a good EV can do. :-)
written by Matthew O. [ConditionallyUsed], January 13, 2009
The Prius is without a doubt an interesting vehicle. Amazing that Toyota owns this market still without much competition. I wonder if they improved the rear window visibility. I heard it was annoying since the hatch support ran directly in the line of sight across the back hatch.
EV Mode
written by Teetor, January 13, 2009
I've got a 2008 Highlander. The "EV" mode isn't much more than a gimmick. The car needs to be completely warmed up to use it. Your speed must be under 25 MPH. You pretty much need to enter site buy xanax online be on flat ground or going down hill. If you press the accelerator even a moderate amount, the gas engine will kick in. The only purpose I can really see for the women cialis "EV" mode in its current iteration is for sneaking up on buy viagra online in uk people in parking lots. Granted, I'm speaking of a Highlander, and not a Prius. Hopefully they've improved the usefulness of "EV" for the new Prius.
written by TheGeek, January 13, 2009
I'm like the solar vent system. I live in an area where it get to 120 in the summer and even parking under a tree it get darn hot in my car while I'm at work.
Director of buy fioricet Training for Large Aviation
written by Jack Mulder, January 13, 2009
I commute from Bakersfield, CA to Van Nuys, CA, about 200 miles or 1.5 hours each way five days a week. This includes going over the "Grapevine" so from Bakersfield at 500 feet mean sea level to the top of the Tejon pass (around 4200 feet mean sea level)then back down to around 800 feet mean sea level. I drive the speed limit, and yes I do get passed, but still manage to get 49-50 miles per gallon at 65-70 mph. I cannot say enough great thing about this vehicle. I am looking forward to the 2010 model and try it brand viagra without prescription buy will be happy to test drive Toyota's new vehicle when it arrives.
written by BlueGreen55, January 14, 2009
I have a Gen II Prius and have averaged 55+ mpg over the 3+ year life of it. With a Gen III I think I could easily average over 60 mpg. Is the new Prius Cool? Indeed!!
Still waiting . . .
written by Will Miller, February 07, 2009
Hybrids, all electric, or whatever; the problem is still the cost per mile. So far the hybrids haven't penciled out as more economical than purchasing a Fit, Yaris, or even a the larger Civic. The savings in fuel are eaten up in the increased cost. So will I alwas be a bridesmaid and never a bride?

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