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JAN 12

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"A few years ago I bought a 2003 Prius (used for $16,000) with 22,000 m..."

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2010 Prius Unveil Video

Just posting this video of the unveiling of the 2010 Toyota Prius. No information here that wasn't in the story that went up a couple hours ago, but I thought maybe you might like to see the drug hair loss propecia excitement.

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Prius Owner
written by Evelyn Vincent, January 12, 2009
A few years ago I bought a 2003 Prius (used for $16,000) with 22,000 miles on it (now it has 34,000 miles on it and best online price for generic viagra the book value is over $10,000/retail price 15,000 today - a REAL SMART investment considering vehicles are a liability)... I LOVE it!!!!

I also love seeing on the screen how my driving habits affect my gas milage, thus I've learned what types of habits consume less gas.

Last October I moved from Seattle to Asheville, NC - a 3,000 mile trip, which gave me a lot of time to experiment with different driving habits. The second half of the trip I was getting anywhere between 75 and 100 mpg!!! Seriously! I couldn't believe my eyes.

Driving locally here in Asheville I can get anywhere from 45mpg to 75mpg. After having this car... I will NEVER go back to having a regular car again.

I know some are afraid to dive into one, fearing the technology might not be that good because they're newer... bite the bullet and you'll see what I mean.

I highly recommend Prius and don't hesitate to look around for a used mode, I know, they're hard to cialas canada find - but they're worth it!

PBS FRONTLINE was right... Toyota is eating GM's lunch with the Prius!

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